Huge discounts on Tumi bags through One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane has a pretty amazing sale on Tumi luggage. Often Tumi sales are limited to the less popular models, but One Kings Lane is offering up to a 40% discount even on Tumi’s most popular models. Plus if you’re referred to One Kings Lane both the person referring and the person referred receive a $15 credit which can be applied towards your purchase. If you’d like to use my referral link you can find it here, and of course I’d be very grateful. You’re more than welcome to post your link in the comments section below as well.

But these really are among the best prices I’ve ever seen on Tumi bags. For example, for the 22″ Continental carry-on, One Kings Lane is charging$359 ($344 when factoring in $15 credit):

While Tumi directly is charging $595:

And I do like my Tumi laptop bag, which is just $229 ($214 when factoring in $15 credit) through One Kings Lane:

Compared to $375 directly through Tumi:

Anyway, while the sale is “live” through 11AM ET on April 26, items do seem to be selling out quickly, so if you’re interested I’d be making purchases sooner rather than later. The 22″ Alpha carry-on and Alpha laptop bag are among Tumi’s most popular products, so getting them at a 40% discount is a steal. The only downside is that there are shipping costs, though there’s no sales tax unlike if you made the purchase directly with Tumi, so it more or less balances out in that regard.

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  1. From the pictures these appear not to be the same products as on the Tumi site, or are they just newer models?

  2. Whats the big deal with Tumi? (Other than a successful IPO?) They certainly don’t look like anything special, and my mid-high end luggage from LL Bean looks comparable at half the cost. (Not to mention that LL Bean has pretty much a lifetime warranty on all of their luggage)

  3. @ Chas — Site is down right now, but will take a look once it’s back up. I believe it’s just a slight variation.

    @ Dan — There’s no doubt it’s part style and part substance. I don’t think most of their stuff is worth it at retail, but at 40% off I do find it worthwhile.

  4. Hmm, I’m actually suitcase shopping this week so some of these might be worth considering.

    As a side note, Nordstrom will price match to One Kings Lane if they carry the exact same item, and they’re offering 10x points through the UR Mall (with free shipping), so that could be a good option as well.

  5. Looks different than the current generation of Tumi. Besides isn’t Rimowa the current trend in high end luggage?

  6. @Josh G – after being a Tumi loyalist for ages, but disappointed in the recent quality, I got a 22″ 4 wheel Rimowa Salsa Deluxe. Best bag ever! Just glides across the floor. Ditch Tumi IMO.

  7. 1. At Costco the Tumi rollaboards are $149.

    2. Tumi rollabords only have 2 wheels. Very 2010.

  8. The real deal is Briggs & Riley due to their warranty. Anything can happen to the bag and they still cover it. I have tried all the brands, and after making the switch 8 years ago, have never had a warranty issue.

  9. @Trent – Sure! I like to use the “live chat” feature, because you can just copy and paste the link so they can verify that the items are identical.

    They can either place the order for you at the adjusted price, or credit your card for the difference if you’ve already finished your transaction. I generally do the latter if I’m clicking through from a shopping portal, just to make sure the points work properly.

  10. The best steal which my colleague just had is for the model #26141, expandable 15″ laptop at just usd220 from warehouse of tumi in USA and he got it handcarry back to Singapore. He is not brother enough, only kept it by himself, real selfish fellow.

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