Daily Getaways announces week five offerings, including Hyatt points for a cent each!

Daily Getaways, a promotion sponsored by the US Travel Association and American Express, just revealed their week five “sales.” You can read about their week one and two offerings here, and about their week three offerings here.

Anyway, they’ve just unveiled the details of their week five promotion here, which looks pretty good to me.

The Best Western deal on Monday doesn’t really interest me, since they don’t have any real “aspirational” awards, and points can only be converted into miles at a 5:1 ratio. That means the $60 purchase would earn you 2,000 miles, which is three cents per mile. No thanks.

The Fairmont offer can be a good deal. They’re selling both six nights in Hawaii for $1,750 ($1,575 if paying with an American Express), and two nights at the Plaza New York for $950 ($855 if paying with an American Express). Both offers include breakfast. There’s no doubt that in both instances these are savings over the prevailing rates, though in both destinations there are other hotels I’d rather use points for. So if it works for you, great, but for me, it’s just not worth it.

For Wednesday, May 9, Hyatt has the following on sale:

24,000 points for $234 with an American Express card, for a total of 0.975 cents per point (100 available, 20 during presale)
30,000 points for $300 with an American Express card, for a total of 1.0 cents per point (35 available)
36,000 points for $373.50 with an American Express card, for a total of 1.0375 cents per point (15 available)
69,000 points for $697.5 with an American Express card, for a total of 1.011 cents per point (15 available)

All of these are amazing deals. Hyatt’s top hotels cost 22,000 points per night, so you’re basically looking at paying around $220 per night for hotels like the Park Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Maldives, Park Hyatt Paris, etc.

The huge catch here is that the quantities available are minimal. There will probably be thousands (if not tens of thousands) of people competing for under 200 packages. So while you might as well show up when they start the promotion, think of it more as a fun lottery game than a serious chance at scoring some Hyatt points, in my opinion.

Good luck to everyone, though!


  1. It’s funny that everyone here complains about the availability of these points packages. The very reason they go so fast is EXACTLY WHY YOU ARE HERE!! All the point hacker / flyertalkers hoard the miles for purposes other than what they were intended for. No “normal” travellers go for these deals, let alone even know about them, get over it!

  2. What were the other Hawaii hotels you had in mind? The Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui is the better deal of the two, and works out to ~$265/night incl all fees and breakfast. The hotel next door is the Four Seasons, then a Hilton affiliate that costs 80K/nt. The Marriott is 35K Ritz 50K. The 12K SPG properties arent very good for a family (rooms are literally half the size of Kea Lani). Marriott and SPG charge $25/day resort fees. The Westin Villas are family paradise, but 20K now. You say that buying Hyatt points at 1 cpm is an amazing deal….and their property is 22K/$220 (and they are very stingy with award nights). Even if you get a suite at the Hyatt the Kea Lani room is 200 sq ft bigger. Perhaps I’m missing something? Im not aware of any good Big Island properties on points.

  3. @ Tim — Like I said, I’m not saying it isn’t a good deal, but rather just that it doesn’t suit my travel needs perfectly, for a few reasons (including that I don’t plan on being in Hawaii for six nights anytime soon). In your shoes it might work out great, and it sounds like it does, so I’d go with it. But for me, I value free internet, club access, etc.

    Frankly I’m not all that familiar with the location of the hotel, so if it’s near the Four Seasons and a more expensive Hilton affiliate, than I’d say it’s probably a great deal!

  4. The Fairmont Maui is located in Wailea which is the posh area of Maui. It is at the end of the hotels walakable on the beach and takes about 15 minutes to walk to the Waldorf Grand Wailea, with the Four Seasons being right next store as well.

  5. I am tired of hearing people complain about not getting the daily getaways – plenty of people get them and as far as timed sales go, I think they handle the flood of traffic pretty well. I don’t do anything too special, yet I was able to get a Wyndham and Hyatt package last year and I was able to get 2 Wyndham packages this year. Sync your clocks people!

  6. I got in on Wyndham and Alamo last year. I considered myself lucky to get them, in spite of all the online hype. In 2012, the blogging world is a lot wider, with many more (savy) readers than ever before.
    At least with a mistake fare, you have a fair shot at the deal. Oh well. I’m sure the next great deal is just around the corner.

  7. I checked out the Fairmont Kea Lani website, to see what award availability looked like. Here’s a hint: I could not find a place to check award availability anywhere on the site. Not saying it’s not there, just that I could not find it.

    Gave me the impression they were saying, if you want to stay here with points, just go away, we don’t want you.

    I then looked at the Fairmont President’s Club page. No mention of earning or using points either. It did mention that you would get ome free night after staying 40 nights.

    Picking a dozen random dates over the next 12 months, the AAA rate availability was zero, even 12 months in advance. I’m guessing the points availability will be similar to the AAA availabity, but that’s just a guess.

    I was able to find some non-refundable dates at $300 all in. Which is a mere 12% more than the “win the lottery, pre-pay for the points, and then hope you can get a booking” rate offered thru Daily Getaways. Which is also non-refundable if you are unable to find points dates that work for you. Just sayin….

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