British Airways and Hawaiian Airlines award seats now bookable on!

A while back American promised they’d add the functionality to book partner award space on their website, and they’re slowly following through on that promise.

They already added the ability to search Alaska Airlines award space on several months ago, and now they added the ability to search and book British Airways and Hawaiian Airlines award space on as well.

This is awesome for a few reasons, including:

  • It’s now possible to avoid the $25 American phone ticketing fee for reservations on these partner airlines
  • American’s search tool (as I’ll explain below) is much easier to use than British Airways’ and Hawaiian’s
  • American imposes hefty fuel surcharges for award travel on British Airways, so being able to know the total taxes and fees upfront is awesome

Let’s break it down by airline:

British Airways

British Airways has a downright awful award search tool, so I’ll be using American’s website first every chance I get. When you start your award search, just be sure that the box reading “AA + AAdvantage Participating Airlines” is checked, assuming you want to see award space for Alaska, British Airways, and Hawaiian.

On the next page you can search by preferred cabin, but the other cool option is that you can select your number of stops by selecting either “No Preference” or “Non-stop only.” For routes that are only served by British Airways and not American, you know all your results will be British Airways if you choose the “Non-stop only” option, so if you’re flexible with dates that may be the way to go.

And as you’ll see, award space on British Airways is very good (not as good as it used to be, but still very good). It’s interesting to note that while American imposes hefty fuel surcharges for travel on American, they’re not quite as bad as what British Airways charges directly. For example, taking the same flight from Newark to London, here are the costs when booking through American:

And here are the costs when booking through British Airways:

So as you can see, they are still a bit less. As a reminder, British Airways’ USA destinations include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington.

Hawaiian Airlines

I’ve always wanted to fly Hawaiian Airlines since they seem to be a cut above the competition when it comes to their service on routes to Hawaii, so being able to search their availability on is great as well.

The same trick above applies regarding searching for nonstop flights. For example, if you live in Portland and know you want to fly Hawaiian nonstop to Honolulu, just select “Non-stop only” in the dropdown menu.

And as you can see, the first option will be a Hawaiian Airlines option nonstop:

Hawaiian Airlines’ lower-48 destinations include Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, Phoenix, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Las Vegas, New York, Portland, and Seattle.

I’m also quite intrigued by how American is pricing some of these awards, like this one:

For this much:



  1. I have to admit, CO has them beat now for award searches on Star and other partners as you point out QR now comes up as well when needed as does EI (I know it is UA in name, but still the old CO engine).

    We will see if the rest of Oneworld can be booked on AA in the future. THAT would be awesome. Perhaps then DL will bring back the old NW engine for award searches.

  2. I like that HNL-JFK-LAX routing. I was searching using the united tool for LAX-SYD and the only routing fully in first was LAX-JFK-SFO-SYD, I would do that in a Heartbeat. The more first, the better.

  3. @ Silvia — No, that seems to break the fare and cause the segments to be priced individually.

  4. If you have avios points and want to use them, you still have to book flights through the British Airways site, right? this new feature in AA is good just for using american airline points right?

  5. @ Mariana — That’s correct, you have to book through the airline with which you have miles.

  6. wow. you can book online now Lower 48 to PPT or even Pago Pago using a combination of HA and AS, AA flights.

  7. Searching for JFK-HNL does not even bring up the “number of stops” option, maybe it’s a chrome issue.

  8. I noticed lax-Lhr-fco is cheaper than lax-Lhr. Why is this so? Also if I booked lax-Lhr-fco and dont show up to e last leg are there any consequences?

  9. I have tried to use AA site to book HA nonstop Phx-HNL using miles for first class, two adults. From December thru March, I was able to find three flights – non were acceptable. When I entered one seat only, there were many days available. Now that I think about it, there were not too many days available in coach either for two seats. Any thoughts or suggestions? Does AA have any control on the seats HA releases? I am aadvantage gold, million mile member. I have never had any problem using miles to HNL

  10. @ Romsdeals — Are you looking at a one-way or roundtrip ticket?

    @ Noah — Unfortunately you can’t, since BA doesn’t partner with HA.

    @ Chris — They have no control over those seats. Many airlines only release a single seat for the majority of dates, so I’m afraid there’s not that much that can be done short of monitoring availability carefully.

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