First signs of the Thai Airbus 380?

As I wrote about in March, Thai had announced that their first Airbus 380 destinations would be Hong Kong and Frankfurt. I don’t think this came as a surprise to anyone. Hong Kong made sense since they first needed a shorthaul destination to train crews and work out the kinks, and then Frankfurt was a logical first longhaul destination, given that it’s one of the few longhaul destinations for which they have twice daily service.

Anyway, per hsw25 on the “Ask Lucky” page of the blog, United and Aeroplan are displaying certain Thai Airways flights between Bangkok and Hong Kong (TG600/601) as being operated by the Airbus 380, starting October 28.

United’s website

Aeroplan’s website

But here’s the bizarre part — the GDS hasn’t been updated to reflect the aircraft swap, so I have no clue where United and Aeroplan are getting their information, since they all still show a 747.


Thai Airways’ website

ANA’s website

I’m not sure what to make of the information. On one hand what United and Aeroplan display is believable given that it matches what Thai Airways has announced in the past, but at the same time I have no clue where the information is coming from, given that Thai hasn’t even updated their system.

Either way, there’s plenty of first class award space on the flights that show as being operated by the Airbus 380, so while it’s no guarantee at this point, I’d give those flights a good shot of actually being the Airbus 380.


  1. So United and Aeroplan not only show phantom award availability, they show phantom aircraft? 😀

  2. TG’s info is frequently out of whack, I think. I am on an award on TG BKK-PEK. UA thinks it is some sort of a/c called a 747-200. TG shows that it is their new config A330-300. An email to TG confirmed that it is the A330. In this instance I think I would tend to believe TG’s website.

  3. So I’m in HKG for a week in November. Maybe I need to burn some miles for a one day trip to BKK.

  4. hi there

    is there any way to buy multiple tickets on the same route with discount? I am traveling with my family and was wondering if there is a way to save to buy 5 tickets at the same time.

  5. @ jim — Airlines sell group tickets, though only for groups of at least nine. Even then, it’s typically not a discount on the lowest fare, but instead just guaranteeing everyone can get the same rate for planning purposes.

  6. I need another US award chart screw-up. The kind where Thailand ends up in North Asia again so HKG-BKK F return only costs 40K.

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