US Airways Off-Peak Awards are an amazing deal!

While I’ve written about it before, this is always worth a mention. One of the coolest features of the US Airways award chart is that they have off-peak awards for travel to the Caribbean, South America, and Europe. For me the most interesting is Europe, given that US Airways has pretty good coverage there.

US Airways serves the following cities in Europe: Amsterdam, Athens Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Frankfurt, Glasgow, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Manchester, Munich, Paris, Rome, and Venice. It’s worth noting that some are seasonal, so may not be available during their off-peak travel dates.

Also, as I mentioned earlier, US Airways has a new business class product which can now be found on almost all of their Airbus 330 aircraft. For more details on the product and which routes they serve, see this post.

Off-peak award chart

US Airways’ off-peak awards to Europe are valid for travel on US Airways between January 15 and February 28. Business class runs you only 60,00 miles roundtrip, and if you have a US Airways Mastercard you get a further 5,000 mile discount, bringing down the cost to 55,000 US Airways miles roundtrip.

Off-peak award availability can be searched on using their award travel search tool. Just entered your origin and destination along with preferred dates and click “search,” and the following page will display a color-coded calendar with availability.

Award search tool

Award calendar

The turquoise boxes mean there’s low level award availability, so just click on them to choose your preferred dates.

Booking page

As you can see US Airways does have a $50 “award processing fee” which is even charged for bookings made online. It cracks me up that in the three seconds the computer issues the ticket it warrants a $50 “processing fee.” But such is life…

The funniest part of the deal (as pointed out to me by reader Carl) has to be that you can actually originate in Hawaii and travel to Europe for 60,000 miles in business/first class during off-peak dates with a stopover on the mainland, while travel between Hawaii and the mainland would otherwise cost 70,000 miles in first class.

All the way to Europe for 60,000 miles

In other words, you save 10,000 miles by continuing on to Europe instead of just terminating on the mainland — that’s crazy!

Just to the mainland for 55,000 miles

Anyway, even as a warm-blooded Floridian I’m tempted by the prospect of a 55,000 mile business class award ticket to Europe in winter.

Anyone else taking advantage of US Airways’ off peak awards?


  1. I take advantage of the off peak awards all the time. Combine those with the US credit card 5000 mile savings and miles earned during grand slam and the hotel transfer bonus and you can do really well for very little money.

  2. Basically used Amex sign-up bonuses + xfer bonus to SPG + hotel xfer bonus to USAir to go to rome for free in envoy with my fiancee next feb. Maybe next may we will go to South America!

  3. We snagged a pair of business class tickets PHX-PHL-MUC-PHL-LAX for February 2013 a couple weeks ago for 55k + $165 /person. It isn’t perfect, since we will have to buy tickets to/from PHX and LAX, but that’s OK as we always need EQMs anyway!

  4. My wife and I went to Paris in mid Feb for a week. Went in Envoy class. We went BUF-CLT-CDG. for 110k miles! The seats are great- decent lie flat. The service and food were what I would call. ‘adequate’. Not bad but not good either. US Airways……………BTW the fees were. $280 for both….

  5. Is it possible to do a stopover with off-peak awards? Can I only book these online? i haven’t found a way to add an open-jaw or stopover.

  6. @ j — You sure can, though you’d have to book by phone in order to add a stopover or open jaw.

  7. Everytime I travel on US Airways, they want “high” miles (economy class at 60,000 miles for round trip within continental US). I’ll rather collect BA or Delta points.

  8. @ Dave Op — You’re talking about the off-peak award, right? Even their “high” off-peak mileage cost is as low as the competition’s lowest mileage cost.

  9. @ j — Sorry, typo on my part that I was fixing as you responded. You have to call for an open-jaw or stopover.

  10. Hmmm, a narrow window indeed, but one that includes my wife’s birthday. Any suggestions on best way to put my hands on 110k miles? I see the credit card is good for 40k, how hard is it to get 70k in the grandslam?

  11. Did 18 days in Spain this past February flying Envoy. Only downside was that the weather was really chilly!

  12. @ DBest — Probably not especially helpful at this point, but US Airways was offering a generous bonus for SPG transfers, though that ended a couple of weeks ago.

    But the credit card is an easy 40K points (not to mention gets you a 5K discount), and keep in mind that you can sign your wife up for it too. Then you just need 15K points, which you can either transfer from SPG or wait for the next “buy miles” promotion US Airways offers.

  13. Trip for two first/envoy to Paris for Valentine’s Day 2013, LAX-PHL-CDG-PHL-LAX, for 120,000 miles and $400 total.

  14. My wife and I did this a couple months ago in February. Flew CLT-CDG-CLT. Got Envoy on the overnight flight over for 30,000 miles each, and went in Y on the way back (daytime flight, doesn’t bother me to sit in Y), for a grand total of 95,000 miles for both of us, and only something like $180 in taxes/fees total. Fantastic deal, if you can make the dates work.

  15. Two quick questions – if returning from LHR do you also have to pay the biz class Luxury tax or is this somehow exempt? And what happens if you cancel the flights?

  16. @ Bill H — Yes, you still have to pay the UK APD if departing out of London, there’s no way around that.

    If you need to cancel you can pay $150 and your miles and taxes will be refunded (though the Dividend Miles Processing fee won’t be).

  17. @Lucky @DBest There is currently a 100% bonus for buying miles from US Airways up until April 15th. While I’m not a huge fan of buying miles, you are getting them at 1.7 cpm, so if you have a specific destination in mind or need a specific amount, now is a good time to top off your account!

    And the US Airways off-peak times are great, for sure, but nothing beats AA’s off-peak seasons. Their “windows” are huge:

    Hawaii: Jan. 12 – Mar. 8; Aug. 22 – Dec. 15
    The Caribbean and Mexico: Sep. 7 – Nov. 14
    Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela: Jan. 16 – Jun. 14; Sep. 7 – Nov. 14
    Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay: Mar. 1 – May 31; Aug. 16 – Nov. 30
    Europe: Oct. 15 – May 15
    Japan: Oct. 1 – Apr. 30

    Love it!

  18. @ Extra Pack of Peanuts — Agree AA’s off peak awards are great, but just wish they’d be valid for first/business class.

  19. @lucky- Agreed, that is the major downside. But for a “slummer” like me, who usually flies coach, you can’t beat it! One thing I especially love is that they don’t black out important dates like around the Christmas season, when paid tickets are astronomical. Talk about great value!

  20. Has anyone seen any recent reports of US’s HNL/OGG service from PHX? The last F trip report I can find is from a couple years ago and is still somewhat mixed (but better than when the service started in ’05).

  21. Hey lucky, do you know if you have to have 60,000 first and then take off 5,000 or it’s 55,000 from the beginning of a purchase? thanks!

  22. I’m looking to get as much value out of the off-peak award between North America and Europe for 35,000 miles before the merger by trying to add a stop-over on the way back from Paris in the US that continues on to the Caribbean that I can use later. The itinerary I’m try to construct is PHL – CDG – PHL (stopover) – AUA.

    I know I have to call US Airways to book a multi-city trip, but when I try to price the AUA-CDG award, the US Airways website is pricing it as a standard award (60,000 miles instead of 35,000 miles).

    I’m confused why it’s pricing this way because North America includes the Caribbean.

    Is US Airways’ website pricing this wrong?

  23. @ GM — To be clear, with US Airways you can do an open jaw OR a stopover, and not both. In this case you have an open jaw (between PHL and AUA) AND a stopover (in PHL). So that wouldn’t be allowed.

  24. Thanks Lucky.

    Out of curiosity, do you have any idea why US Airways’ website wasn’t pricing AUA-CDG-AUA at the off peak price?

    I priced itineraries during the off peak period of January 15 – February 28, but it only showed standard award pricing.

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