SPG’s “Nice Choice” promo coming May 1

Starwood Lurker just put out a teaser for Starwood’s next promotion, the details of which will be announced by May 1 (which is when registration opens). It’s called “Nice Choice,” and the “coming soon” page can be found here. The description reads as follows:

Wanted Flyertalkers to be the first to hear a few details about SPG’s next promotion, SPG Nice Choice. This promotion will be all about you. Members will have the unique opportunity to choose when, what and how you want to earn at any of our more than 1,000 hotels and resorts worldwide that participate in the SPG program (that’s right, no opt-out list!).

I’m really excited to see what they come up with. What’s funny is that the part of the teaser that concerns me the most is also what’s intended to be the best news. No hotels are opting out of this promotion. Starwood has long had a problem whereby they’d run promotions and give the hotels the option of participating or not, and as a member it was rather frustrating to find that only half of the hotels were willing to participate.

So I’m not sure if all hotels are participating because Starwood has shown them the value in partaking in promotions, or if it’s because the promotion won’t cost the hotels much (read: isn’t very exciting), and therefore Starwood may absorb some of the cost in order to finally have a “global” promotion.

Anyway, I’m excited to see what they come up with. Their first quarter promotion didn’t suit my travel plans especially well unfortunately, since it offered bonus points for two and three night stays, while many of my stays are one night. So having  choice of rewards will definitely be nice.

Hopefully Starwood doesn’t tease us for too long…


  1. I’m skeptical as well. I wonder if it will be a tie-in to all the promotion they’ve been doing around alternative uses of SPG points like music awards, etc. They’ve been heavily promoting the Hear the Music sweepstakes on FourSquare.

    I miss the Q1 promo though. On a very good week I was earning 12,000+ points including SPG Amex, Plat, and Triple Up multipliers…

  2. I got a feeling that if all the hotels chain-wide are going to ‘participate’, it means that the reward associated with the promotion will be points and only points.

    I’ve got a bad feeling that the promotions over the last two years – stay 3 nights, get a weekend night at participating hotels; stay 3 nights, get a night at a resort property – won’t be repeated, and instead of earning ‘free’ (earned) nights, the scheme will be some sort of tiered points . . .

  3. I should put this in ask Lucky section, but since we’re talking about SPG and points anyway.

    Would you pay $80 for 3300 spg points, with no immediate travel plans and vague plans for Hawaii in next 2 years?

  4. @ Joe — That’s over four cents per point, so I’d say no, since you can buy SPG points for less than that.

  5. @ lucky – Unless my math is wrong, it’s close to 2.4 cents per point and equivalent purchase option on spg to buy points would be $115.5.

    That also converts to 1.9 cents when transferred to airline miles with spg bonus of 20k to 25k miles.

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