Up to 2,450 free Ultimate Rewards points with the Ultimate Rewards Mall and new Chase Ink Bold card

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Frequent Miler, the king of earning miles for free through the Chase Ultimate Rewards mall, outlines a pretty lucrative offer whereby you can earn 2,450 Ultimate Rewards points for free using the Ultimate Rewards mall.

I won’t give step-by-step instructions here since he does such a fantastic job of breaking down the process, but I’ll just share the idea behind it.

Basically, Staples offers some antivirus software for free after a rebate (which can be applied for online using their “Easy Rebate” system). You have to pay $35 upfront for the software, and then they’ll mail you a check for $35. You can buy up to ten of these and get reimbursed for each.

By going to staples.com through the Ultimate Rewards shopping mall you’ll earn two bonus points per dollar.

Then if you use the new Ink Bold® Business Charge Card you’ll earn another five points per dollar. That’s seven points per dollar on $350, or 2,450 Ultimate Rewards points.

There’s no doubt it takes a bit of effort, though I value Ultimate Rewards points at two cents each, so that’s basically a $49 “reward.” Is it worth the time? Probably for most of us.

The only reason I’m not taking advantage of it is that I still have the old version of the Ink Bold card, before they rebranded a few months ago and started offering 5x points on office supply stores. So instead I’d just be earning three points per dollar total, or 1,050 Ultimate Rewards points. For that it’s a bit too much effort, in my opinion.

Either way, this can be a great way to reach the minimum spend requirement on a card, while picking up quite a few extra bonus points along the way.

Anyway, check out Frequent Miler’s post for step-by-step instructions.

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  1. To be exact, you would get 1,400 UR, since the old Ink Bold’s Staples.com link is 3x, not 2x like the new Ink Bold and the Sapphire Preferred.

  2. Thanks to both Lucky and FrequentMiler for sharing! Its also helpful on getting spend for those of us that got the Bold/Sapphire Preferred and are now looking at $8k in 3 months — may not be much, but every little bit helps.

  3. Too much effort? Staples Easy Rebates couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is float the money for 4-6 weeks. If you time it right, you could have your rebate check before your CC bill is due.

  4. I agree with Bobbi..This whole ordering and EasyRebateprocess, takes less than 5 minutes. You can do the rebate right after you place your order. In fact, there’s a link on the order confirmation screen that goes straight to the easy rebate site and populates some of the information for you (I think the order number and rebate number). If you have a Staples account set up, you can populate the information for the rebate from your account, then you just select the form you want your rebate in, and it’s all done.

    Ok, it might take a bit longer the first time, to set up your staples account and such, but they have been offering stuff almost weekly the past two months, and now I can do the whole thing in less than 5 minutes. The biggest worry, as Bobbi mentioned, is floating money for 4-6 weeks, particularly if there’s a problem with your rebate check and you have to work it out with staples.

  5. I still have trouble getting Ultimate Rewards shopping mall points to post correctly to my account. They only post about 3/10 times for me, and when they do, it takes weeks. Unfortunately, the effort involved to claim missing points has driven me away from using the UR mall very often.

  6. Keep publicizing this and it won’t take long for Chase to stop it. You guys have been talking this up for a while and at some point you will kill the Golden Goose

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