“Todays flight attendants and pilots are sane…AND HOT!!” — funny or not?

The Sky Steward posted a picture he was sent by a reader of a gate display for a Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Underneath the flight information, the screen read “Todays flight attendants and pilots are sane…and HOT!!”

So I’m curious to hear, in light of recent events, do you think that’s funny or offensive? Vote below, as I’m curious to hear what you guys think.

The gate display was...

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  1. How dare they make a joke in an airport? Everyone knows humor, even thinking of something funny and making a slight smirk, is illegal in US airports nowadays. I wonder who will be arrested or fined for this obvious act of terrorism. Surely the TSA is on the case by now and a full investigation is forthcoming!

    But, but, but… 9/11!

  2. I found it neither funny or offensive. No laugh, no outrage, just an eye roll. Where is THAT option?

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