Air France award space once again bookable using Delta SkyMiles

In mid-March I reported that Delta was having issues displaying Air France award space. Even though Air France was releasing the space and it showed up through their frequent flyer program directly, ExpertFlyer, etc., Delta couldn’t book it, claiming they had an IT glitch. Well, the good news is that the issue has been fixed, and all Air France award space seems to once again be available to SkyMiles members.

Now, I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but I do find it interesting that the issue seems to have been resolved in the past couple of days, right after the end of the quarter. Oddly for the last three weeks of the first quarter they weren’t able to solve this “glitch,” but a day after the new quarter begins everything is fixed. We all know US Airways does blocking of partner award inventory, and there’s a clear pattern with them whereby they do more blocking towards the end of the quarter, and less blocking towards the beginning.

Coincidence? What say you?


  1. Let’s not celebrate yet. I’ve done a bunch of searches, including by schedule, for IAD/YUL-CDG in August and the AF flights (2/3 a day, respectively) don’t even show up

  2. I thought you said US doesn’t block anymore? That’s what you said on my Ask Lucky question…has something changed?

  3. @ Michael — For a while they weren’t, though they are once again blocking Lufthansa pretty heavily.

  4. @James: Did you verify with EF or that there’s award space open on those flights on the dates you checked? So far, any flight I found availability on via EF/AF has showed up on now.

  5. @James- I have also found that there are lots of days when EF shows seats and DL does not!!

  6. @James, @JonnieD: I’m seeing it now, too, looking at YUL-CDG this month. It’s not an ex-Canada thing, as YYZ-AMS-CDG works fine when it shows on FlyingBlue. IAD-CDG worked on the date I checked in June. Very bizarre.

  7. DL does use calendar year for fiscal year, so this was end of quarter for them. In the end we will not know until this happens again. I think if it was to be a regular effort they would have been wiser not to frame it as a technical outage. That rationale won’t work again in late June.

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