April Fools’ across the airline industry

While I’m not a huge fan of April Fools’ Day, I loved some of the creative pranks airlines played today. The top three were definitely WestJet, Spirit, and Air New Zealand. Here’s a summary:

WestJet introduces child-free cabins

WestJet created a video and webpage for their new “Kargo Kids” program, whereby cabins are child-free. Check out the website and video:

Spirit introduces $9 galactic flights to the moon

Spirit announced $9 one-way fares to the moon, and created a website dedicated to it. Of course you’ve gotta love Spirit because they’re not afraid to poke fun at their fee structure, including with this April Fools’ sale:

Air New Zealand introduces StraightUp fares

Air New Zealand offered StraightUp fares, whereby you could purchase tickets for standing room only. If you’re in a wheelchair they’re even nice enough to include wheel clamps with the price of your ticket.

Kudos to all three airlines for their creativity. Which April Fools’ prank was your favorite?


  1. Ha Ha maybe their not a joke. Standing room surely this is just a matter of time (certainly wouldn’t put it past are NZ at the moment). Kid free Flights, I think there is a market their. Sprint well they are only copying Virgin and has anyone seen their “options list”

  2. I was quoting a couple of tickets yesterday in several search engines, and Hipmunk had some very funny options such as Hot Air Ballon from Berling to Budapest, teletransport from NYC to Rome, and other interesting options!

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