Priority Club unveils new PointBreaks list through May 31, 2012

Priority Club has just unveiled their latest PointBreaks list, valid for stays through May 31, 2012. Through PointBreaks, select Priority Club hotels globally are available for only 5,000 points per night, as opposed to the usual rate of 10,000-50,000 points per night. Given that Priority Club points can be indirectly purchased for 0.6 cents each, that’s basically $30 per night for a hotel room. The thing to keep in mind is that while the promotion is valid for stays through May 31, the good hotels are almost always pulled within a matter of days. So if any of the hotels interest you be sure to make a booking soon, as the space won’t be around for long. Also keep in mind that award stays can usually be canceled up until a day before arrival, so there’s little risk in making a speculative booking.

While there are several decent Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn properties on the list, there are also a few InterContinentals, including those in Cali (Nigeria), Mar Menor (Australia), Manila (Argentina), Ho Chi Minh City (Germany), Pyeonchang (Montana), and Qingdao (French Polynesia). Yes, I’m starting my new career as a US Airways call center agent tomorrow…

(So that no one is disserviced by my above comment, it’s actually Colombia, Spain, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and China)


  1. You had me going for a second! I started to doubt my world geography knowledge until I got to Manila and Ho Chi Minh City!

  2. Oh my god, I actually thought there was a PB IC property in Australia, spent 10 minutes Googling it only to realise it’s actually in Spain….

  3. Hey Ben, when was Cali moved from Columbia to Nigeria in Africa. US Air CS agents at it again?

  4. Quick question. I am going staying at the Holiday Inn in Cape Town in August and booked 5 nights for 50k points a few months ago. What is the best way to rebook those 5 nights at the point break rates, saving me 25k points? I don’t have enough points right now to rebook 5 nights and cancel the old reservation. Just call the reservation center?

  5. @ Andy — Unfortunately this promo is only good for stays through May 31, so you wouldn’t be able to rebook it in this instance.

  6. Great (funny) post! Hope US will pay you well. It still says book by March 31, 2012. Is that normally the case, or has the date just not been updated?

  7. Never mind, Lucky. When you click through to each region, it says for bookings through May 31, 2012. March 31 is just on the main page under the map.

  8. Through April 13 MyPoints is offering 12 points per dollar for HI properties as well. Not sure if it works for buying points as well.

  9. Argentina is always my dream destinatition. Now its time to plan a weekend there, since i believe thr flight time from Taipei is less than two hrs!

  10. Lucky, I’ve never paid attention to the PointBreaks lists in the past, but have a RTW trip coming up in July and want to keep an eye out. When should I expect the list to come out for stays during the month of July? Will they wait until May 30 to unveil the next list?

  11. I’ve been trying to book a PointBreaks stay the last few days, but the site keeps crashing my browser… Anyone else experiencing this? I’ve tried IE, Firefox, Chrome on multiple PCs…

  12. I’ve had crashing too.

    Just noticed that the list changed as well. Does that usually happen?

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