1. I like Delta’s 120,000 miles from Los Angeles to just about anywhere in Africa (other than South Africa) in business class via Air France and/or Kenya Airways.

  2. So it’s funny that everyone (incl. you our beloved blogger) cries wolf over the BA changes and now 3 in your top 5 of ALL awards are Avios. I mean it’s good to change your mind but shouldn’t we keep things in perspective from day one?

  3. @ TJ — That’s not how I intended for it to be interpreted. The reason it’s on the list isn’t because it’s the best deal in the world if you’re assuming each mile is equally valuable (which would be a faulty assumption), but rather because they’re good deals given the relative value of miles. For example, you could book the same New York to Vancouver flight for the same number of miles in business class, but the reason I included the Avios redemption is because those miles are considerably less valuable than American miles, in my opinion.

  4. So glad that you helped me book a Number 6 just yesterday! Now not only am I getting a great trip to Bali, but now I feel like I am getting a good deal.

    Thanks again for everything (including this blog) Lucky!

  5. Which airports are you seeing the 120K india fares to/from? I searched JFK to BOM and the low-level awards aren’t coming up as that amount.


  6. @ Lauren — Jet Airways award availability can’t be searched online, so the only way to find out is to call (which is painful).

  7. Ben,

    How come you didn’t have any UA/CO awards on there? Seems like their flexibility should have earned some spot on the list.

  8. Sorry this is so tangential to your post but are you going to FTU in NYC? Was so looking forward to meeting you!

  9. @ JW — I’ll unfortunately be in Asia then, though I’ll be at the Chicago Seminar Do in October. If you can’t make that hopefully our paths will cross sometime. If you’re ever in Tampa, dinner is on me.

  10. Drat! Bummed I’ll be missing you but enjoy Asia (hopefully you won’t come home with more pearls, lol). Look forward to it!

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