Reminder: one week left to book Priority Club reward stays at pre-devaluation levels

Back on January 18, Priority Club adjusted their award chart considerably, raising the cost of reward stays at many of their properties. However, since they only gave about two weeks notice of the change, they offered to honor the old award rates for two months after the policy change, meaning through March 18. They certainly didn’t make this easy on us, since the old rates aren’t listed anywhere, and you can only get the pre-devaluation award rates by phoning up Priority Club customer service.

The savings can be considerable, though, so are well worth it if you still need to make a booking. I need a room in New York for a stay for family members in May, and am booking the Crowne Plaza Times Square. The hotel used to cost 25,000 points per night, though went up to 35,000 points per night. I’d say a phone call of five minutes is well worth the savings of 50,000 points (given that they’re staying for five nights).

I’m also planning a trip to London soon (using a British Airways companion voucher) so am thinking of locking in the InterContinental Park Lane on points before March 18, given that the redemption cost went from 40,000 points to 50,000 points per night.


  1. I’ve got an upcoming two-night stay at the Crowne Plaza Times Square, too, and thanks to your original post, I saved myself 20k points!

  2. I need to book the IC in Rome for July. Is this reservation too far to get redemption at 40k points per night?

  3. @ Krys — As long as you confirm the reservation before the 18th you can get the old rate, even if the stay is only in July.

  4. I love the ic Park Lane. Excellent location and staff. Sour room last time had an excellent view of Big Ben. Enjoy!

  5. What’s the best number to call? I just called 888-897-0089, and the representative said “I can only check current point redemption levels” (in broken english). I told her “thank you, but I will call back and hopefully speak with someone who knows what I am talking about”. Is this the best number, or is there a better number to call?

  6. Lucky – Thanks for the reminder. I booked a hotel night in July and saved $40 the cost of the extra 5000 points needed to book the room.

  7. Does anyone know if I can cancel and get my points back once I made the reservation?
    I am working on my Paris trip for the coming November but I am not totally firm on the dates yet…Thanks!

  8. @ Lee — Absolutely, you can redeposit the points up until the cancellation deadline for the hotel, which is usually 24 hours out at most.

  9. Thanks to you all, and to The Frugal Guy, via Lucky. I just booked three night in Niagara Falls for my famaily and myself. I attained Holiday Inn rooms for 15,000 per night, rather than the 25,000 listed now, or 15,000 + $60. USD.

    My modest family appreciates the expert tip ! I can use the extra funds for gas (unless someone has fuel tips 🙂 !

  10. I called today to get in on the lower miles. The first lady had no idea what I was talking about but, the next did. THANKS!!! I saved 60,000 points. I don’t know if this is the way it worked for everyone else, but they added in the 60,000 miles saved and then deducted the new rate.

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