1. Ben, I think you forgot to mention the ENORMOUS wait times at the new airline’s phone reservation numbers. I’ve booked two award tickets over the past few days and each time I’ve had to wait on hold for 60 minutes or more. The record was a 2.5 hour wait, which ended with me hanging up because I decided I must have fallen through a crack in their system.

    This is just intolerable. I’m looking forward to not booking a UA flight for the foreseeable future.

  2. Lucky, one minor error:

    the new United is adopting Continental’s OnePass numbers, with their format of two letters followed by six numbers

    Although that is the format for older CO/OP accounts, new ones are 3 letters + 5 digits.

  3. Weirdly, I was only able to log in with the combination of my Continental OnePass number and my United 8-character password.

    Lucky- has management commented on what would be happening to BusinessFirst? Curious whether they plan to keep both BusinessFirst and United’s three cabin system or make an effort to standardize.

    I’m actually a big fan of BusinessFirst; for a z fare I think you get much more than you pay for with United Business and have been secretly hoping that maybe some of Continental’s 777s would start to show up on the routes I travel most frequently.

  4. SO quick with the new million miler program if one person has 2.2 Million lifetime miles and is currently GS, their spouse gets GS as well?

  5. meant to put question after “quick”. Also as you alluded as of right now I think they’ve only implemented the spouse matching at the effective million miler status level. So the case mentioned above the spouse has only been updated to Premier Platinum.

  6. @ beltway — Thanks for the heads up.

    @ Hilary — For the time being they plan on keeping both, though I think it’s clear they plan on eliminating Global First soon (seems obvious based on the fact that they kept the name BusinessFirst).

    @ Sean — The benefit should be that the spouse gets Global Services for as long as the million miler maintains it.

  7. ‘Integration went without a hitch’….

    Nice words for a guy who was almost certainly flying AA for the past 5 days.

    This merger is a fucking disaster if you are flying on PMUA metal or through PMUA hubs. Forget the hold time on the phone — the ‘wait time’ at the gate/club/cs desk can be hours as well, often for something as simple as getting on the standby list. Getting rebooked for IRROPS? Awful. Getting on the UG list? Damn near impossible.

    CO failed to train their agents on SHARES and it shows.

  8. Wow! I’ve always tracked with you lucky until this post! I REALLY hate the website…looks like a throwback to the 1990s with everything crammed and cluttered on one page. Functionally it may be better than the old United website, but visually its horrible!

    One impact to me is they have inadverantly removed all the qualifying miles I flew up to Feb 29th, so from a qualifying standpoint I only have 2k miles applied to be, even though it should be more like 40K. I asked when I would get it back and they said “they didn’t know….Maybe in a week or so…. If not clal back and they’ll check”. Really? This is what my $45k I spent on United last year gets me?

    From my standpoint, this “new United” is going to have to start to earn my loyalty and thus far they are WAY behind!

  9. I just got home from a 20k mile trip, and for the first time in 5 years of being a 1K, I’m not looking forward to my next one. (Unfortunately, it’s next week…..)

    COdbaUA has just taken the fun out of it. The PMUA employees are still great, but they are powerless to help.

  10. @Paul. Same story. No EQM’s on the new site. I might as well be starting over today.

    Shares is a fucking disaster. I have so many stories from the past 72 hours that I could write a book. Simply put, CO doesn’t give a shit about you anymore.

    I’m waiting for Smisek to ban the old (tulip) name tags so that you can’t tell if you are talking to a PMCO or a PMUA employee…..

  11. Hell, I don’t even have a new 1K card!

    Agents in LAX were like ‘yea, some of them got delayed, but they are all out there now’. I’m like, BULLSHIT. Just stop telling lies.

    Delta must be patting themselves on their backs this week for their (by comparison) easy swallowing of NW.

  12. I have to agree. I just spent two hours on hold with the United Group line trying to purchase 12 tickets – finally gave up.

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