1. Sorry Ben, Going to call you out on this post. Your post seems biased to your hotel preference on Starwood and Intercontinental. Being a Hilton guy, they do have some great lounges too.

  2. @ Calvin — I wasn’t suggesting they were the all around best club lounges, but rather just some of my favorites. I’m not really a Hilton guy, so wasn’t about to include hotels I’ve never stayed at before. 🙂

  3. Hey Lucky,

    The Le Meridian in Pune, India had a far better breakfast presentation than the one you posted. When you go back to India and try to stay here. The people were amazing,I’m only gold and was treated like royalty. I had my own personal concierge, free spa services, etc.
    Best, the manager and reservation agents talked and talked to me suggesting places to stay and see. Wonderful!!

  4. I think another consideration should be how stuffy/warm and crowded a lounge can get…the Westin Chosun Seoul is packed during cocktail hours, and this was on a Saturday. Conrads in Tokyo and Singapore can get crowded as well.

    However, the Grand Hyatt Tokyo was a pleasant experience. It was very spacious and comfortable, with hot food being plated to order. I guess I don’t like to fight for my food and drink.

  5. “Alcoholic beverages are complimentary in the evenings (which is rare among US hotels).”

    AFAIK, EVERY InterContinental in the US that has a club lounge has complimentary alcohol in the evening.

  6. Hong Kong must be a good place to go for club lounges. I have never stayed at the ones mentioned, but did enjoy the Hong Kong Marco Polo Continental Club. Two floors of exclusive rooms, with a dedicated club and check-in staff. Impressive club with waiters in waistcoats with tails.

  7. I’ve used the Plaza Athenee BKK (*wood) and LM Chiang Mai lounges. Both impressed me — the PA for the appetizers and quality of staff (could have cared less for the window blinds that obstruct city views) and LM for the physical layout. It’s a split level trendy decor with nice views of Chiang Mai.

    But you know what? After those two experiences, I’ve decided I hate city hotel lounges when I’m on vacation 🙂 Why? Because I feel that the purpose of staying in a city is to explore the city. As a non-plat, I have to pay extra for the lounge benefits, and because I’ve paid, I feel drawn back to the hotel at very particular times. I feel that if I don’t use the bennies, I’ve wasted money.

    Now, if I were on business, that’s a whole different story.

  8. Does the Intercon Bali still have the complimentary all day a la carte snack menu at their Club? I heard that they charge for that now.

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