250 Priority Club points for completing a survey

Through March 31, Priority Club is offering 250 points for completing a survey. The survey is loading really slowly, so it might take a bit of time for all the pages to load. When I took it this morning it only took a few minutes, so maybe it makes sense to wait a couple of hours before attempting to complete it.

Either way, it’s an easy 250 points!

When you complete the survey you receive an email confirming that the points will post within 4-6 weeks.


  1. And then it craps out and sends you back to the beginning of the survey. An hour of my life is worth more than 250 PC points…

  2. Like you say, painfully slow, but if you’re multitasking, easy 250 points.

    In case others are wondering, it’s about 12 pages long.

  3. Speaking of PC…I got the targeted offer for the 80K bonus points Chase PC Visa. But I just got the Sapphire card about a month ago and have a couple of other Chase cards (the old UA MP Visa and the BA Visa). The new Chase Hyatt offer is intriguing to me too. I am planning to dump the BA card anyway (and it has a big CL). Should I go ahead and apply for the PC Visa now? I didn’t see any expiration date on the offer. Will I run into any trouble applying for another card so soon after the Sapphire? I figure since I planned to get rid of the BA card that if I got rejected I could just offer to move the CL from that card which Chase seems to be amenable to in most cases.

  4. Really fast this morning. Loaded up right away with no delay at all. Finished in a few minutes time.

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