Free Accor Platinum status!

Through May 31 Accor is offering new members that have the Citi Premier Miles W0rld Elite Mastercard in the UAE complimentary A|Club Platinum status. As is usually the case with these kinds of offers, anyone can sign up through the links, and in the past they’ve always honored them.

The new Platinum status should be reflected immediately with the new account. While A|Club Platinum status is hardly exciting, it’s something, at least! As Gary describes it:

Platinum status generally requires 60 nights (or 25,000 points earned) and comes with a 100% points bonus and then at Sofitel, Pullman, and MGallery hotels: room upgrades that the rules say you specifically have to ask for, 4pm late checkout, guaranteed availability, and a welcome drink and gift.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Can you use this Accor Platinum status to status match to Hilton Diamond? Has anyone tried / had any success here?

  2. I used to be a real Accor Platinum with an annual spend of over 10’000 Euro with Novotel and Mercure mostly, with some Sofitel and Pullmann in cheaper countries (i.e. in Germany, Canada or Asia).

    I once got refused a small points sum for an absolutely ridiculous reason and since then I am not booking with them anymore for my own travel (in some places my staff wants a particular hotel, but they do so for own pleasure, they get no points and have no status).

    A-Club Platinum is absolutely useless, unless you want to get vouchers for stays. You may get an upgrade at Sofitel for instance, but I was told that it only applies to the move from absolute lowest category to next higher, so a move from medium to high category (not suite) is categorically excluded, at least in USA and Europe.

    Customer service is a horrendous nightmare and this said by somebody who lived in France and speaks fluent French and has no issue at all with the apparent lack of French service in general.

    Get the status whilst it is free, but don’t count on anything happening.

  3. I’m an existing Accor member. Is there any way to upgrade my silver membership to Platinum? It wasn’t obvious to me.

    My expectations of Platinum are low. Maybe it will get me an upgrade to the lounge:-)

  4. I am assuming that Marco was referring to executive lounges in accor hotels.
    If that is the case,I can assure Matrix that Sofitel Saigon, Mercure Roxy Singapore, Pullman Bangkok, Novotel Singapore and many other accor hotels do have lounges.

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