1. Come on guys. This is easy. We already know he’s in Spain. In fact we even know the general area of Spain too.

  2. Looks like my Aunts place in southern Spain. She has a terrible penchant for the young Americans. Perhaps, you ahve taken up residence Ben. 🙂

  3. @worldtraveller2 – Did you realize Fuerteventura is in the Canary Islands and nowhere near Marbella (where Lucky is, in case anyone else who hasn’t figured that out)?

  4. Stef you should stop wishing… Although the pool at the Kempiski Estepona is gorgeous, I think that if he had gone a few miles further south he would have been able to swim in the one he would have got! The only way he swam today in the one at hotel bahia is if he is 100% German and never put a foot in Florida 😉

  5. @ ArizonaGuy, I was trying to remember the name of a Sheraton or SPG property that I stayed in Marbella, Spain, which is where you say he is! I thought it was Fuerteventura, but maybe it was Westin La Quinta in Marbella?

  6. @ Caroline @ AdamH — Because it’s off season and the water is FREEZING.

    @ jackie — You’re only about 8,000 miles off. 😀

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