Reminder: Miles for Netflix memberships

While this might not be news to many of you, I try to write about this periodically, since it really is a great deal.

Airlines frequently offer bonus miles for new Netflix memberships, and American is presently offering 3,000 AAdvantage miles for a new membership, while United is offering up to 4,000 Mileage Plus miles (2,000 miles for new members, plus an additional 2,000 miles if you pay with your United Visa credit card). These offers are only valid to new Netflix subscribers, and there’s a limit of one award per household. In my experience they’re usually pretty strict about this requirement, though there are always people that have have had luck earning the bonus multiple times.

Given that a new membership is only $7.99 per month, you can sign up for a subscription and then cancel before you’re billed for the second month. While the miles technically take 8-10 weeks to post, in practice they usually post within a few weeks.

Still, $7.99 for 3,000-4,000 miles is a stellar deal, and if you can watch a few movies while you’re at it, why not?


  1. They’ve never actually mailed anything. It’s entirely possible to register with a different address. Have had success with this in the past even though the billing address (a PO box for me) has always been the same.

  2. I’ve managed to get this every few months. Just use a different credit card and address (home, work, PO Box, etc.) and rotate the points between my kids accounts to keep them active……

  3. @ ArizonaGuy
    @ Paul

    Do you guys enter the same phone number or different one each time. I thought they also track you with the phone number

  4. Unfortunately, I signed up for Netflix during the Grand Slam this past year, and never got credit for it. I called Netflix to verify immediately after signing up, but they later said “they had no record of me signing up through the promotion”. Lame. A lesson in always taking screen shots, I suppose

  5. @Caveman – I use a different phone # with same billing address. Those are a dime a dozen. I’ve several Google Voice accounts and you can change the number after a set period of time.

    I also rotate between wife’s name and my name and really only do this every 6 months (once a year per person).

  6. I seem to recall when I tried to do the netflix thing more than once, it was the fact that my American Airlines number was the same as before, that stopped me in my tracks.

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