AirTran shows Delta how to flash mob (and dance)!

There seems to be a flash mob battle between Atlanta based carriers. Last week I posted a link to Delta’s flash mobs in four locations, which were well produced, though can hardly be called “flash mobs” since only one of them seemed to be done in public.

Well, AirTran/Southwest seemed to have a flash mob of their own in Atlanta a few days ago, and damn, they’re good. You can check out the video here:

I especially love the beginning where “security” is called over paying for checked bags.

So which one do you guys prefer, Delta’s or AirTran/Southwest’s?

(Tip of the hat to Stef)


  1. I actually liked the Delta flash mob the best. Not that I am a Delta fan, but liked the concept of it being performed in multiple airports.
    The SW was good… but I agree… poorly shot and in a too crowded part of the airport.

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