Sale on US Airways Club membership: 5,000 elite qualifying miles plus no initiation fee

US Airways periodically offers specials on new US Airways Club membership, and through February 17, 2012, they’re offering 5,000 elite qualifying miles plus no initiation fee when using promotion code CLB5K. Admittedly this isn’t as good of a deal for general members as in the past, when they offered a club membership for only $325. Obviously general members have an advantage when the promotion price is the same across the board, given that elites usually get a discount, which doesn’t apply when there’s a promotion.

This time around, though, the bonus comes in the form of elite qualifying miles and a waived initiation fee, so I suspect many US Airways elites will find this promotion to be pretty lucrative.

The annual fees are as follows:

Keep in mind that a US Airways Club membership will get you access to many partner lounges, including United Clubs, so this is a nice alternative to buying a United Club membership if you can make it work in your favor.


  1. Questions:

    1) so a regular dividend member pays $375 and gets 5000 redeemables and use of united club?

    2) can u use star alliance lounges when flying AA?

  2. @ Michael — You get access to the United Club, though 5,000 elite qualifying miles with US Airways, and NOT redeemable miles. You have to be flying a Star Alliance airline to use the lounges, though.

  3. @Lucky & @ Michael. I have always had access to the US Airways Club membership even when I am not flying a Star Alliance airline. They ask for one of the two- either a boarding pass with your name, or your photo ID for entry. The policy used to be different not so long ago.


  4. @ JRL — You’re totally right, I should have clarified. You can use US Airways Clubs when flying non-Star airlines, but you can’t use other Star Alliance lounges when flying non-Star Alliance airlines.

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