Win two Delta SkyClub passes: guess how many American EQMs I’ll have at the end of February

I have two Delta SkyClub passes that expire on June 30, 2012, that I doubt I’ll have a use for. I’d like to give them away, so figured I’d have a bit of fun with it.

Whoever guesses closest to the actual number of elite qualifying miles I’m projected to have on American at the end of February without going over will get them. Just post your guest below by midnight Pacific time tomorrow (Sunday, February 12), and I’ll determine the winner at that point. Make sure you post with a valid email that I can notify you at if you win.


  1. I don’t actually want the prize, but I thought I’d do a little exercise along the lines of the wisdom of crowds. The average of all guesses entered to date is 98929, but there are some pretty high guesses that are skewing the numbers. The median of all guesses entered to date is 82,000, so that’s my best estimate.

  2. I’m not going to play. I recognize that you made your 2012 ‘status’ plans and selected AA long before their Chapter 11, but it was poor choice. Since their BKY was filed well before 1-1-12, the really smart Mile Guy should have reevaluated and found a different principal carrier for the year. Of course, that assumes that the alternates have adaquate service at your origin and serve (owned metal or partners) your 2012 destinations. Frankly, your choice of AA for 2012 surprised be a bit as I’ve always found their soft product more than a bit lacking. Yes, I’ll concede that you know far more about the subject than I do, so I;ve been following your progress with interest. Now that AA is in BKY, the benefits and service damn sure won’t improve and I think should have changed your target before January 1. As for Gailen David’s situation, that’s another one to be followed. Despite his world-class comic talent, he should never have published his videos under his own name – a major fuck up! It will take months or years to resolve, but I suspect that in the end, Gailen will be looking for a new job. He had soooo many other ways to publish his thoughts. Ouch! Please keep us posted.

  3. @Cook

    Lucky is top tier on both AA and UA.

    AAdvantage has actually improved because of the bankruptcy too, offering promos like double/triple EQM to make flyers stick with them through the bankruptcy.

    They’ve also got great benefits for EXPs like SWUs that can be used on any fare class (at least for now, according to lucky himself…:p)

    Plus…there’s really no difference in soft product between any of the US legacies…

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