US Airways offering credit card holders a 50% discount on purchase/gifting of Dividend Miles through February 29, 2012

In January US Airways offered a 50% discount on the purchase of Dividend Miles. This month they’re offering a 50% discount on the purchase or gifting of Dividend Miles through February 29, 2012, for US Airways credit card holders. Through this promotion you can purchase and gift a maximum of 50,000 miles per account for approximately 1.87 cents each.

As usual, it’s a pretty good offer, though US Airways seems to offer these just about nonstop nowadays…


  1. Did you see Delta’s latest? 75% bonus on purchase and gift of miles…. last month that was 50%… I just hope the bonus keeps growing every month 🙂

  2. @ Apu — Thanks for the heads up. I’d say the US Airways deal is still much better, given that the cost per mile is lower, not to mention US Airways miles are quite a bit more valuable than Delta miles.

  3. 50k miles for 1750/2= 875 = 1.75 c each
    Then you add 7.5% tax = 1.88c cost
    30$ fee = 1.94c each in cost
    Almost 1.95c each really, quite a way from 1.45c each for the past several years.

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