Luxury Collection unveils “HERE” film

Check out this indie film that Luxury Collection unveiled last week:

I don’t even know how to describe it, though I’m curious to hear what you guys thought. Love it? Bored to death? Both?

(Tip of the hat to Colin)


  1. Seems a little contrived, like TLC was trying too hard to be “indie”. I would have liked to have seen a more complex plot with deeper character development. Otherwise, it’s just a stylish 15 minute ad.

    The worst is that they filter the comments section on YouTube. Only fanboy comments seem to get approved.

  2. The video redefines boring. Helium head’s laugh and hair were disturbing. TLC needs to delete this rubbish and issue a “LOL, just kidding.” statement.

  3. God, I thought she’d never hook up!

    Actually, I sort of liked it, but probably not enough to watch it again.

    The “star” is British super-model Agyness Deyn. Whatever you do, don’t Google her because there a lot of disgusting pictures of her without any wardrobe at all.

    Another thing: Agyness, dear, I know you’re 28 years old and in great shape, but PLEASE don’t climb ladders wearing high heeled shoes!

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