Captain Denny’s February schedule

Captain Denny has just sent over his February flight schedule, which is as follows, for anyone that wants to fly with him:

02/04 UA531 ORD-LAX 10:30-13:02
02/04 UA444 LAX-SFO 13:57-15:25
02/04 UA647 SFO-LAX 17:34-18:56
02/05 UA385 LAX-ORD 12:58-19:05
02/05 UA450 ORD-TPA 20:00-23:42
02/06 UA380 TPA-ORD 16:07-17:57
02/06 UA222 ORD-BDL 18:48-21:56
02/07 UA393 BDL-ORD 08:55-10:32

02/11 UA255 ORD-SFO 16:02-18:45
02/11 UA560 SFO-SNA 19:46-21:19
02/12 UA436 SNA-ORD 08:24-14:25

02/16 UA741 ORD-SFO 19:05-21:43
02/17 UA222 SFO-ORD 10:47-16:53
02/17 UA582 ORD-TPA 19:45-23:27
02/18 UA540 TPA-ORD 15:15-17:05
02/18 UA333 ORD-SAN 18:15-20:38
02/19UA320 SAN-ORD 08:06-14:08

02/23 UA929 ORD-SEA 15:22-17:55
02/23 UA455 SEA-SFO 18:51-20:58
02/24 UA222 SFO-ORD 10:47-16:53
02/24 UA578 ORD-TPA 19:45-23:27
02/25 UA540 TPA-ORD 15:15-17:05
02/25 UA333 ORD-SAN 18:15-20:38
02/26 UA320 SAN-ORD 08:06-14:08


  1. All of his trips look commutable, which is a really sweet deal if you live out of base. I wonder if he commutes.

  2. I thought I read this blog fairly regularly, but forgive me because I have no idea who this person is. Any help?

  3. Flying with Captain Denny is something that all Frequent Flyers should experience. He reminds you that flying can be fun and enjoyable, reminds you of the early days of Pan Am.

  4. Just wondering if you still fly paid UA/ Star Alliance and if you’re still a 1k? Seem like most of your previous posts are paid AA and awards on *A.

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