Hyatt announces details of their first quarter promotion

Unlike the cool kids I’m not at the OneWorld Mega Do. I’m not actually sure why I didn’t go (I guess I’m not cool enough), though I’m quickly starting to regret it. That’s not preventing me from following along, though, and passing along things I see that might be useful.

It looks like Hyatt unveiled the details of their first quarter Gold Passport promotion at the launch party this evening. The Points Guy Tweets:

So based on what he wrote along with the attached photo, it looks like Hyatt’s first quarter promotion will run from February 1 through April 30, 2102, and look as follows:

Stay 4 Nights, Earn 4,000 Bonus Points (1,000 Bonus Points with Hyatt Visa)
Stay 8 Nights, Earn 8,000 Bonus Points (2,000 Bonus Points with Hyatt Visa)
Stay 12 Nights, Earn 12,000 Bonus Points (3,000 Bonus Points with Hyatt Visa)
Stay 16 Nights, Earn 20,000 Bonus Points (5,000 Bonus Points with Hyatt Visa)

That means that without the Hyatt Visa you’re looking at 44,000 bonus Gold Passport points for 16 nights (not 16 stays), which translates to 2,750 bonus Gold Passport points per night. With the Hyatt Visa you’re looking at 55,000 bonus Gold Passport points for 16 nights, or ~3,400 bonus points per night.

This promotion is by no means earth shattering (after all, historically Hyatt is the king of earth shattering promotions with their faster free nights promo that they used to run annually), though I’d say it’s actually the best first quarter promotion offered by any hotel program. The other program I’m loyal to, Starwood, is offering double base points of stays of two nights and triple base points on stays of three nights. You’d have to have some pretty expensive stays to come out ahead with that promotion vs. Hyatt’s.

If you mattress run strategically this promotion can actually work out pretty well. For example, my local Hyatt often has rates of around $100 per night, and the club lounge is closed on weekends. When you’re a Diamond member and stay over the weekend when the club lounge is closed, you get 2,500 bonus Gold Passport points. That means I’d be earning 2,750 bonus points per night through this promotion, 2,500 points for the club lounge being closed, 1,000 points as my Diamond welcome amenity, and then maybe 650 base points, for roughly 7,000 Gold Passport points for a one night mattress run. Not great, but not bad either for someone that needs to requalify for Diamond status.

I’ll gladly knock out a dozen stays with a deal like that.

What do you guys think? Happy with the promotion? Will it drive any additional business to Hyatt? Or do you prefer Starwood’s promotion?


  1. A dozen weekends spent in a mediocre Hyatt in a deserted Florida downtown? Mattress running sounds like a punishment. Is Hyatt Diamond status really worth all that?’

  2. @ Adam — Hey, it’s a change of scenery. And I don’t plan on doing 16 nights there, but rather just using a few mattress runs at my local Hyatt to round out the promotion.

  3. Can you explain the math? How do you go from 15,000 bonus points for 16 nights in the promo description to 44,000 bonus points to 16 nights?

  4. @ Charlene — The bonuses are tiered, meaning those aren’t the total points you earn, but the incremental points. So in this instance for stays 12 through 16 you’re earning 15,000 bonus points.

  5. I like how the points are tiered! Do you have to actually pay with your Hyatt visa, or just have it, to get the 25% bonus?

  6. @ Carberrie — They haven’t officially announced it yet, so I’d say it’s 50/50 as to whether or not you actually have to use the card. If I were a betting man I’d guess no, but who knows.

  7. why not pay with your Hyatt Visa and earn 3 hyatt points/$ plus the Hyatt Visa bonus points? Overall seems like a pretty good promotion, especially when stacked with the lounge closure points, and perhaps even the points for not having the bed type.

  8. @ Carl — I suspect the concern is from those that have to use their corporate credit cards for stays. Totally agree with you, though.

  9. Does this allow one-night stays? Regardless, it’s as boring as most of Hyatt’s recent promos. Sixteen nights and you earn bonus points that won’t get you even one free night at a top Hyatt?

  10. If I read you correctly, once you hit 4 stays you get 4,000 bonus points, after 8 stays you hit 8,000 bonus points, and so on… Wouldn’t that mean 4k +8k + 12k + 15k = 39,000 bonus points for 16 nights?

  11. You need to correct the post to read:

    “Stay 16 Nights, Earn 20,000 Bonus Points (5,000 Bonus Points with Hyatt Visa)”

  12. @ Explore — You can stay one night, though one night counts just as much as one stay towards this promotion.

    @ WillRunForMiles — There’s not, the minimum bonus is for four nights.

  13. @ Explore — In this case 16 nights gets you two free nights at the top (category six) Hyatt hotels.

    @ Charlene — Whoops, I had screwed that up. The last category (16 nights) earned 20,000 bonus points and not 15,000 bonus points as I had written. So it is in fact 44,000 points.

    @ Gene — What makes you say that? The bonuses are tiered, best I can tell. You can earn 44,000 points without the Visa, and 55,000 points with it.

  14. @ Gene — It’s 4K + 8K + 12K + 20K, which is 44K. Charlene’s correction was based on me incorrectly posting the bonus for the 16th stay, which is in fact 20K, and not 15K as I had originally written.

  15. @ JonathanIT -_ The way I interpret the promotion is that you earn 4,000 bonus points after stays four nights, then an ADDITIONAL 8,000 bonus points after staying another four nights, then an ADDITIONAL 12,000 bonus points after staying another four nights, and then an ADDITIONAL 20,000 bonus points for staying the last four nights, for a total of 16 nights.

    Does that make sense? To me it seems to match the math on the Power Point.

  16. I agree it isn’t too bad and the potential is there to be lucrative. Definitely better than SPG’s promo!

  17. If not for the Hyatt Diamond requalification aspects (e.g., the mattress runs would be necessary anyways at some point in the year), I was not sold tonight at OWMD on this being that terrific of a promotion. Sadly, it’s better than what’s out there.

  18. Tell me how this is a good promo again if you’re not a Diamond and get the above for extra points? The rest of us end up with 44000 for 16 nights. You can BUY the same (44200) points for $816!

  19. Living in Santa Barbara makes it hard to mattress run. The cheapest I can get at my local Hyatt is $240. 🙁

  20. Do you need to have the Hyatt Visa card in hand before your first stay?

    How long does it have been since I got my Chase Sapphire before I can apply?

  21. Works great for me as I have a few work trips planned and Hyatt will get my business thanks to the promotion.

  22. How does this promo work out for Hyatt Platinums, assuming one took any bonus points at check in instead of welcome amenity?

  23. Here’s my math. 16 stays x $100/night = $1600. 5 points per night + 30% Diamond bonus = 10,400 points. Add 1,000 per night Diamond bonus = 26,400 points. Add 3 points per dollar on Hyatt Visa for additional 4800 points for a total of 31,200. Add 55,000 promotion points for a total of 86,200 GP points or almost 4 nights at any Hyatt plus 16 stays towards requalification. As a leisure traveler who only gets status thru promotions, this is a pretty good deal for me. As others have said, not what we were hoping but good enough for me to bite. Just need to book it all by the end of Feb when I lose status!

  24. @ chitownflyer — Well Platinum members don’t get a welcome amenity on every stay, so it’s a bit different. You still earn the base points, a smaller elite bonus, and then the points through this promotion. It can still work out nicely, or at the very least be a nice motivator to go for Diamond status.

  25. @ Carl — It’s tough to say because they haven’t published the terms yet. I think it could go either way.

    As is always the case with Chase, how often you can apply for a card is very much a “your mileage may vary” case. Once/if you get denied, you can call their reconsideration line and they can usually switch over some of your credit, or at the very worst close down an existing card to approve you for the Hyatt card.

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