Priority Club unveils new PointBreaks list valid through March 31, 2012

Priority Club has just unveiled their latest PointBreaks list, which is valid for bookings through March 31, 2012. Through PointBreaks you can book select Priority Club hotels for only 5,000 points per night, which is an absolute bargain, given that 5,000 points are worth about $30.

There are several InterContinental hotels on the list this time around, including those in Hamburg, Mendoza, Medellin, Santiago, and San Salvador.

Priority Club hasn’t yet updated the reward nights pricing, so they’re not bookable just yet. That being said, it makes sense to start looking at the list now, because the good hotels tend to sell out pretty quickly.

After last week’s devaluation it’s nice to see hotels like the InterContinental Hamburg on the list, given that it recently went up in price to 40,000 points. As a relative matter, that makes 5,000 points per night an even better value now.


  1. @ deltagoldflyer — I actually hadn’t seen your email till I checked just now. Stumbled across the PointBreaks list from browsing FlyerTalk. Do everything I can to “tip the hat,” though in this instance I hadn’t seen it.

  2. @ Scott M. — As I said in the post, they updated the list but haven’t updated the prices yet. So it makes sense to scout out the stays you might want to make before the prices get adjusted, which should happen in the next 24 hours at the latest.

  3. The list I pull up has entirely different Intercontinentals available (no Mendoza, Santiago, San Salvador for example). Any thoughts on why this is?

  4. If the IC Tahiti is legit, that’s not a bad use of points. Decent enough property. Perhaps a good layover hotel for those going to/coming from other destinations in French Polynesia.

  5. The Central/South America list had not been updated. It now is. The only ICs there are Guatemala and Santo Domingo. Other ICs are Hamburg, Tahiti, Jakarta, Shanghai, Phnom Penh, Tashkent, and Port Ghalib.

  6. Yesterday I called Priority Club asking when the Points Break would be available online. Put on hold, then they talked about IT issues but decided to front me 60K points for 3 nights so the booking could be make with 75K with me supplying the 5K per night or 15K total. Outstanding solution to IT. Thanks Lucky

  7. While they were loading the hotels in, there was a hotel in Tahiti that showed up only briefly. Not sure if you could have booked. This was about midnight last night.

  8. @ Basil — Right, the InterContinental Tahiti Resort was on the list. It’s usually under $200 per night, so not quite as much as the InterContinental Bora Bora, for example.

  9. Awesome! I had checked a hotel yesterday but no availability listed. But i checked again after reading your advice to Scott M. and snagged two nights that I had reserved a while back for over $300. 10,000 points for $300+ value. Not bad! Thanks Lucky!

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