Priority Club PointBreaks list: some gems!

Earlier today I wrote about Priority Club’s latest PointBreaks list being unveiled, and I wanted to mention a few “gems” (aka InterContinental hotels) on the list, now that they’ve actually updated the pricing of the PointBreaks hotels. This is one of the better lists I’ve seen in a while. Once again, through PointBreaks, select Priority Club hotels are available for 5,000 points per night, as opposed to the usual cost of 10,000-50,000 points per night. It’s also worth noting up front that as a rule, Priority Club doesn’t honor elite benefits on award stays. They’re the only major brand that doesn’t do so, and frankly they don’t really seem to care in that regard.

Some of the better hotels on the list include the following:

InterContinental Resort Tahiti

Note: If you’re vacationing in Tahiti/Bora Bora this probably isn’t the hotel you’ll want to spend all your time at since there are nicer resorts, though it’s certainly a nice stopover point, or place to relax for a few days that’s a bit more affordable.

InterContinental Hamburg

Note: This hotel is now 50,000 points per night (though way overpriced at that), so this is 90% off.

InterContinental Shanghai Puxi

Note: I’m going to Shanghai very soon and sorely tempted to cancel my reservation at the Park Hyatt Shanghai and save $300+ per night, but apparently the InterContinental Shanghai Puxi doesn’t honor elite benefits on award stays. What would you do for a four night stay? Spend $300/night for a suite in the incredible Park Hyatt Shanghai, or “rough it” for 5,000 points per night at the InterContinental?

InterContinental Jakarta

InterContinental Phnom Penh

Anyway, there are some pretty good deals to be had here, assuming you can commit quickly. Keep in mind that PointBreaks stays are fully refundable, so you’re always better off locking in something now and canceling it later.

Happy booking!


  1. i would stick with the Park Hyatt in Shanghai, since you received a good rate, receive your elite benefits, and are able to apply your suite certificate for such a large suite.

    Now if the Intercon honored RA benefits, then I would go with them at the PointsBreak award rate.

  2. In regards to your question about the Park Hyatt or the Intercontinental, I would definitely choose the Park Hyatt in a suite. I have looked at staying at that hotel and it seems like a real gem of a hotel.


  3. I just cancelled my Waldorf Shanghai and took advantage of the Intercon Puxi…. 5000 for a night is the best deal out there, especially for Intercontinental Hotel. You can get breafast for 200 renminbi

  4. I am excited for a hotel in my state that works really slick for a weekend getaway for the hubby and I! It isn’t anything close to an IC, but it makes for a super cheap weekend for us.

  5. Who cares about elite benefits when you are staying at an equally nice hotel for 10% of the cost of the PM.

  6. Just a note about the IC Puxi: It’s a bit off-located in my opinion as you’ll always have to take the subway to see the sights.

  7. How much are these elite benefits actually worth? Often not more than 10 to 20 bucks if you look at what you receive/use more than what you would without status.

    So if you’re talking about $300 a night or a few points…easy choice. Expensive hotels are great, enjoy them, as long as you don’t pay the high rate. Which seems to be the case at 300 bucks..

  8. @ Li — If you’re after the best experience I’d say the answer is a no brainer, though much like my situation, it’s a function of deciding between a great deal and a truly spectacular hotel.

    @ Xandrios — It depends on the hotel. In many instances it’s not worth all that much, though I’d say as a Royal Ambassador with InterContinental it is worth a lot. The elite benefits would be free internet, free club lounge access, room upgrade, and free minibar. I’d value those benefits at close to $100 per day, and given that the hotel is only a bit over $100 per night, it’s not all that compelling of an offer anymore.

  9. I can sure think of many ways I can spend $1,200 usd in Shanghai! I can’t believe this is even a question, you have all become elite whores:-)

  10. I wish you would’ve mentioned that you might be screwing someone else over if you make a bunch of bookings and then cancel them; PB inventory is limited.

  11. 1200 dollars vs. 20000 priority club points, valued at (say) 200 dollars? For the difference you could fly to Europe. I love me a good Park Hyatt, but I love more travel more

  12. @ James — Well, it goes a bit beyond that. 20,000 points and an okay hotel vs. $1,200 and an “OMG THIS PLACE IS AMAZING” 1,200 square foot suite in the clouds. 😉

  13. The Park Hyatt is spectacular and having a complimentary diamond breakfast in the clouds (before or after a morning swim in that amazing pool) is a priceless experience.

  14. Hi, I’m planning to stop in Tahiti for a few days and I’ve looked for that Pointsbreak Intercontinental in Tahiti. I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone know if that pointsbreak deal there is still on?

  15. @ RaeDavenport — Unfortunately it’s no longer on the PointBreaks list. That’s why it pays to book quickly!

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