Alaska Mileage Plan offers double miles for travel on Emirates between March 1 and May 31, 2012

Last week I wrote about how Emirates was being added as an Alaska Mileage Plan partner airline as of March 1, 2012, given that Emirates is starting daily service between Seattle and Dubai in a couple of months. The news might seem insignificant to most, but I’d say it’s actually one of the most useful airline partnerships in quite a while (even more so once you can redeem Alaska miles for travel on Emirates). Emirates is currently lacking decent partner airlines for those of us in North America, so being able to at least rack up Mileage Plan miles for travel on Emirates is pretty sweet, given that Mileage Plan miles are fairly valuable.

So as if that wasn’t cool enough, Alaska has just announced that they’ll be offering double redeemable Mileage Plan miles for travel on Emirates between March 1 and May 31, 2012. Registration is required prior to travel, and bonus miles post within four to six weeks of travel.

Keep in mind that if you’re an MVP Gold member you should earn 100% bonus miles for travel on Emirates (I don’t think it has been officially confirmed yet, though since you can accrue elite qualifying miles on Emirates, you should also be able to earn the elite bonus redeemable miles), so you’re potentially looking at triple (or more!) miles on select fares.

Despite the fact that Alaska doesn’t even fly to my home town, I’m sorely tempted to go for top tier with them. Stay tuned for my post this afternoon as I share some pretty ridiculous sales Emirates is having right now.


  1. Alaska has to be one of the easiest to status match with.
    Why not do that so you start earning the elite bonus from the get go?

  2. How do you find pretty ridiculous sales on Emirates randomly or for that matter on any other airlines. There has to be some methodology involved otherwise I cannot go on in the air searching for so many routes on so many airlines. It just does not make any sense besides driving you crazy.

  3. @Lucky – I have also been thinking about going top tier on AS. Given what I consider the devaluation of UA 1K on upgrades, a pretty good AS schedule out of Hawaii, and their awesome Mileage Program, am sorely tempted. What do you think?

  4. @Carl. Would you elaborate further on what you mean by “and their awesome Mileage Program” besides having a large number of airline partners

  5. @caveman – 4 long haul flights on CX F last month to JNB for 140k, plus the gateway flights on AS in F, plus a stopover in HKG. Just for that deal alone I love them, plus their churnable credit card and companion certs in F that earn miles, and I love the pancake machine in their lounges.

  6. @ Carl — That’s a real toughie. I think Alaska is a no brainer if you live in Alaska and fly mostly domestically. But living outside of Alaska, I’d say it’s pretty tough to have them as a primary carrier (though they’re a great secondary carrier).

    Their award chart is spectacular for Asia and the South Pacific, and that’s a huge thing they have going for them. To Europe they’re awful, though, on the redemption front. You have Air France, Delta, and British Airways (though only with fuel surcharges). Not being able to mix carriers is a bit negative too.

    But the major issue is that you’ll really be limited in where you can fly, and you’ll probably find that upgrades are pretty tough to come by on some of the Hawaii flights, as well as midcon/transcon flights. Their confirmable upgrade instruments now have fare restrictions, so that’s a down side too. And from what I’ve heard, their first class service isn’t that great.

    But it’s certainly tempting. If only they flew more places, or elite benefits were better on their partner airlines…

  7. As a long time MVP Gold, I would advise you to go ahead and try it through the status match and see how you like it. Upgrades can be easy if you are not flying one of their popular routes. For example, forget getting upgrades to Hawaii from ANC or SEA, but they are easy from BLI or SAN.

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