Hyatt offering up to a 30% bonus on purchased Gold Passport points through March 15, 2012

Through March 15, 2012, Hyatt is offering a bonus on the purchase of Gold Passport points, as follows:

Purchasing 1,000 – 9,000 points earns a 10% bonus
Purchasing 10,000 – 29,000 points earns a 20% bonus
Purchasing 30,000 – 40,000 points earns a 30% bonus

Points usually sell for 2.4 cents each, and you can purchase a maximum of 40,000 points per calendar year.

With this bonus you can purchase a total of 52,000 Gold Passport points for $960, for a cost of ~1.85 cents per point. If you’re planning on redeeming at a high end property, that’s not a half bad deal.

Hyatt’s most expensive properties go for 22,000 points per night, so at that rate you’re looking at $400 per night for the Park Hyatts in Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Maldives, etc. That’s a pretty spectacular deal, given that revenue rates are often double that. I’m not saying everyone should go out and buy 52,000 points through this promotion, though if you have a specific use in mind, this could be a very good deal.


  1. 52’000 points are 26’000 M&M miles for 960 USD, which makes it a 0.037 miles ratio…I already thought that was a good one, damn!

  2. Are rooms usually available at the Park Hyatts in Paris and Tokyo (i.e. their highest-end properties) for 22,000 points per night?

  3. Would this purchase qualify for double UR points using Chase Sapphire card or, similiar to airline miles purchase thru, not cataloged as “hotel” spend and therfore not eligible for the bonus points.

  4. @ Michael — Absolutely, Diamonds get their welcome amenity on all stays.

    @ Andrew — Hyatt has no capacity controls on award stays, so as long as a standard room is available you can use points for it.

    @ RKToledo — Unfortunately it wouldn’t since it’s processed through

  5. On a Diamond trial- would points stays count for nights toward my 12 required nights for trial/my 50 needed in 2012 for getting Diamond for 2013?
    Could I use my Diamond suite upgrades if using points?

  6. @ steve — Unfortunately award stays don’t count towards status, and you can’t use confirmed Diamond suite upgrades on them.

  7. Do you suppose that if the Hyatt Card is used for this that the 3 points per dollar rate will be granted, or would the transaction being processed by also negate this? Thanks!

  8. Lucky, you said “@ Andrew — Hyatt has no capacity controls on award stays, so as long as a standard room is available you can use points for it.”

    Are you sure? My experience is that Hyatt is capacity controlled.

  9. @ Rom Sac — I’m positive. Hyatt hasn’t had capacity controls on awards for several years now, so as long as a standard room is available you can use points for it.

  10. For some properties, wouldn’t a Stay Certificate be cheaper than redeeming points, even with this points bonus?

  11. @ Bangkokiscool — You’re absolutely right, in many cases that would be the cheapest option. However, keep in mind that stay certificates are capacity controlled and a bit more restrictive, so I don’t really see this as a situation where it’s one or the other necessarily.

  12. Hi Lucky, is there any way to take advantage of this promotion for a family of 4 going to Paris this summer? The standard rooms seem to only allow a maximum of 2 guests. Thanks for your help!

  13. @ MillValleyMom — Unfortunately best I know only the diplomatic suite and above can accommodate four guests. So the only way to do so would be to get two rooms, or otherwise try and sneak an extra two people into a room (which would probably be a very tight fit).

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