Amazing deal on towncars through Jetsetter/GroundLink promotion

Jetsetter has a pretty awesome deal right now whereby you can get towncar airport transfers for as little as $4 through a flash sale running for GroundLink on Jetsetter for the next eight days. This is truly a spectacular deal, so stay with me here for a minute.

Step 1

Sign up for a Jetsetter account. If you use a referral link you’ll get $25 credit for signing up, and the person referring you gets $25 credit after you make your first purchase. I’d certainly be thankful if you use my referral link, though you’re certainly free to use a different link if you’d like (and you’re more than welcome to post your referral link in the comment section).

To sign up you’ll need to enter your email address on the first page and click “Continue,” but be sure not to stop there (even though it may look like you’re done).

To complete your registration you’ll want to hit “Sign Up” at the top right of the next page and enter the required information, at which point your registration is complete, and the $25 worth of credit should appear in your account.

Step 2

Go to the GroundLink flash sale page to decide which voucher you want to buy. As you’ll see, they have a variety of towncar transportation specials, including:

LGA Transfer Voucher for $29
Mobile Voucher (good for $75 worth of credit on for $35
JFK/EWR Transfer Voucher for $39
ORD/MDW Transfer Voucher for $39
SFO Transfer Voucher for $39
LAS Transfer Voucher for $39

All of these prices include tax and gratuity, and there’s a limit of one voucher per person. The vouchers are valid through July 31, 2012. So after you take $25 off of those amounts, you’re looking at $4 for a towncar from LGA, and $14 for a towncar from JFK, EWR, ORD, MDW, SFO, or LAS, again, including tax and gratuity.

For everything except the LGA transfer voucher, though, you’re best off going with the mobile voucher, as it’s only $10 and more than covers a transfer from any of the above airports, not to mention leaves you with a lot of flexibility. Just keep in mind that you need a mobile device in order to activate it.

It goes without saying that these are all amazing deals and a lot cheaper than cabs.

Like I said, if you’re just signing up you can either use my referral link or one of the ones that I’m sure will be posted in the comments section.


  1. Will the mobile voucher work for MIA (or any other airport not listed)? I searched my address on and it would have allowed me to make a reservation

  2. @ Josh G — Absolutely, it works for any airport, not just the ones listed. It’s basically a gift card for GroundLink.

  3. Thanks Lucky, great deal, and I have a surprise weekend planned to take my wife to NYC next month, so this will work out great!

  4. Thanks! Did you get email #3 with your ground link code? If so, how long did it take for you to receive it?

  5. Thanks! Signed my wife and I up via your referral link. Heck of a deal as we are flying into LGA in a couple of weeks!

  6. I have an account there too, but Lucky deserves the referral for posting the deal here. I’ll refrain from posting my link.

  7. I just purchased a mobile voucher for myself.
    This is a GREAT deal! Sorry to everyone that posted a referral. I have been a member for some time.


  8. Hmm, it shows I have no credit left of the $25 however, the confirmation e-mail says my visa will be billed the whole $39. I wonder if it will be deducted later. I hope so.

  9. @ Rae — The receipt says the full amount, though your credit card should reflect only being charged the amount after the $25 credit.

    @ unclesam — They provide service in almost all cities in the US, it seems. You can search here:

  10. Thanks Lucky. Sorry one more question – are the $29 and $39 vouchers for the cities you have mentioned or for other cities as well

  11. @ unclesam — Those vouchers are just for the cities listed, though you can buy the $75 voucher for $35, which will cover transportation in many cities.

  12. not sure what’s going on, and I tried it twice using your referral link and I see no credit in my account.


  13. @ LIH Prem — You’ll want to log out and back into your account, or maybe try a different browser. It can take a minute or two as well. Let me know if you still have issues.

  14. @ jason — You’ll want to wait for just a few minutes and then log back in, which should do the trick. If that doesn’t work, try a different browser.

  15. hi lucky,
    i tried with different email address, and it works now! thanks!!
    I am gonna do one more using my wife’s email address

  16. I made a dummy booking on and I came out with 69 USD without taxes and gratuity for a JFK-Tribeca ride. There was no possibility of entering a promo code.

    For info, my net price for the ride was 121 USD (106 USD excluding the 15 USD inside pickup fee that is optional).

  17. Has anyone received the third e-mail from Jetsetter with the Groundlink code? I was hoping to use this tonight, but only the first two e-mails have shown up.

  18. Patiently waiting for the 3rd email to arrive…it’s been 5 hours. Groundlink customer service says it could take up to 72 hours. Anyone receive theirs yet?

    Thanks Ben…great find!

  19. Thanks for the share, used you link. Unfortunately, seems all the car vouchers are now sold out. Will monitor

  20. I have yet to receive my third email so I decided to call Jetsetter customer support.

    They told me that no one will receive their mobile code until Tuesday (1/17) as all of the purchases are under review. Apparently they are concerned about people using fraudulent referral codes.

    Too bad, was going to use the service tonight….

  21. FYI they told me today that my transaction would be canceled and refunded due to using an additional email to sign up for this offer.

  22. As a follow up- after refusing for 10 min to explain why my order was being canceled, other than it was “flagged” by the system, a manager finally told me that I have “aliased” accounts. (I had a Gilt acct prior to this promotion and needed to use a different email address to register, since the system automatically links Gilt accts with JS.) I explained that under their TOS (specifically worded with reference to only, not Gilt – you can review here, my prior Gilt account would not disqualify me for this promotion. She stated she would review today.

    I would encourage others that have had this issue to follow a similar line of reasoning.

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