1. Any tips on getting US Airways agents to see Air China availability?

    Trying to book LAX-ICN-HKG-SIN(stop)-MEL(dest)-PEK-ICN-LAX and they can’t see any availability for CA166 MEL-PEK which appears on CO.sux and the ANA tool.

    Multiple US agents can’t see the CA segment availability and I can’t talk them into a manual/long sell.

  2. Inspired by your article, I gave a quick look at CO engine and they like to mix in Virgin Atlantic for HKG-SYD in Upper Class.

  3. Ben, you’ve gone and told everyone about Asiana. Damn ohh well there goes one of the best secrets about crossing the pacific nicely on award. their new cabins are brilliant. they have single seats for both window and aisle access

  4. I’ve read here at One Mile at a Time and elsewhere that NZ opens up premium space on the AKL-YVR,LAX,SFO routes 60 days it advance but I have yet to see it as such on ANA tool.

    E.g. I just did a search for AKL to north america and could not find a single premium seat in March 2012 (current date + 60 days).

    Can anyone point in the right direction? Cheers!

  5. @ Mark — Unfortunately Air China availability, much like certain ANA flights, is often not visible to US Airways. It’s not traditional Starnet blocking where there are easy ways around it, but rather it seems that they’re just completely blocked from their system. So unfortunately I suspect you’re out of luck.

    @ Lack — Indeed, Virgin Atlantic does fly the route, and has excellent space on it to boot.

    @ gjcb — Hah, indeed. Their new product is great.

    @ jjgollum — In looking at space right now, you’re right, it’s certainly not quite as readily available at the 60 day mark as in the past. But I think as a general trend you’ll find that they still open up a good amount of space a couple of months out. Keep in mind that this is also their high season, so that might be a factor.

  6. In the article comments, someone mentions Air Pacific as an option. I made the mistake of flying Air Pacific from Brisbane to Fiji in December. Their planes are very old and their business class product is nothing more than a few seats in front of a curtain. The flight I was on was going onto LA and I can’t imagine being stuck on that plane for that many hours!

    I had very good luck booking Thai Air LAX to BKK, BKK to SYD. I also have gotten first class from Europe to SYD on Thai through BKK.

  7. Good article. So when you say “good availability” what does that generally mean? Are you talking about 1-2 seats, or more? I ask just because I usually look for awards for my family of 4, so 1 or 2 seats doesn’t cut it (and the kids are young enough yet that I don’t want to go in separate flights).

  8. @ mangoMan — I’d say at most it’ll be 1-2 seats most of the time, sometimes less. It really depends on the time of year.

  9. @ AdamRx — Unfortunately I can’t think of any airline where that would be a legal routing on an award, let alone an airline that truly allows stopovers on such a one-way ticket. Sorry!

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