Awesome crosswind landing video

Check out this awesome video that was uploaded a couple of days ago capturing several crosswind landings and takeoffs on a stormy day at Dusseldorf Airport. Truly amazing.


  1. I’ve got a new respect for airline pilots! I’ve experienced that crosswind effect in a Cessna, but didn’t realize it could impact jetliners to that degree.

  2. I always think of runways as being perfectly flat, so I’m always thrown when you see a runway that has such a noticeable elevation change as this one.

    Also, thought the bolt of lightening around the 7:00 mark was pretty cool.

  3. Amazing video. Those pilots are truly skilled. Is there something wrong with me if I kind of want to be on the plane for a landing like that just to see what it’s like?

  4. You know the wind is bad when you can read the airline off the rudder from the other end of the runway… :-O

  5. @infamousdx: If youre lucky you can see down the runway from the cabin until pretty much touch down. Very strange experience!

  6. I’m far from a teenager but I kept saying OMG as I watched this. I was going for my private pilots license when I was in my 20’s and realized I didn’t have what it takes. I admire these guys/gals that fly these birds. My cousin is a Capt. With AA and I forwarded it to her. She’s probably landed in situations like this. Very impressive show of skill.

  7. infamousdx asked “Question for anyone that’s landed in heavy crosswinds, how is it in the cabin?”

    It’s actually pretty cool. I don’t have any experience piloting airliners, but have a few thousand hours in USAF KC-135s, which come close to the size of a 757. Our max crosswind was 25 knots (nearly 29 mph/46 kph), and for a pilot with experience doing it, it was a real kick to go out and practice landing in that kind of wind. Scary? Not so much. Not, that is, if you’ve done it and have enough practice at it to be good at it. Most of the crews I saw in the video were really really good at it.

  8. I was holding my breath for the entire 9 minutes. Wait…I’m still alive, I guess I was not holding my breath after all. But this was really intense.

  9. Great video and thanks. Of note, those Dive and Plant landings are *not* unsafe in the hands of a skilled pilot. THey may not be a fun ride, but the airframes are built to take it. As long as they are properly lined up and with the proper ‘crab’ angle, it is almost a normal landing. Notice how they maintain the crab until the last instant? That’s the mark of a good pilot. And what a wonderful camera location. Darn good video and thank you.

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