1. Hi Lucky, in your article you mention potentially good mile purchase offers by AA. Do you think they will come out with better than the current offer of 37.5% extra miles?

    Cheers, Josh

  2. @ Josh — I think there’s a good chance they’ll offer something better, or at least a bit more creative. No guarantee, but given that they’re in Chapter 11 it really wouldn’t surprise me.

  3. cash now is not a problem

    “In its bankruptcy petition filed in Manhattan, AMR reported assets of $24.72 billion and liabilities of $29.55 billion. The company has —-$4.1 billion in cash.

  4. “American will add restrictions to their systemwide upgrades”. You’ve said this before, but as a newcomer to AAdvantage you’re forgetting (or unaware?) that use of VIPs for all fare classes is a fairly recent enhancement to the program. Why would AA antagonize frequent fliers in the middle of bankruptcy reorg? They’ve already launched the first system-wide DEQM promo in a couple of years. As is, AA isn’t exactly giving away the store: most VIPs are released fairly last minute, and there’s a hierarchy of who gets the upgrades. It’s one of the few ways AA can compensate for their sorry hard product.

  5. The mini-vacations scheme is the way to go. I find it more enjoyable then regular MR. Couple those with the right bed-runs and its a win-win.

    Life is too short. Live it. Love it.

    “The more side roads you stop to explore, the less likely that life will pass you by.” ~Robert Brault

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