American offering up to 15,000 bonus miles on mileage purchases

Hardly earth shattering, though through January 31, 2012, American is offering the following bonuses on the purchase of miles:

That means 40,000 purchased miles would earn you a total of 55,000 miles. Given that 40,000 miles costs $1,100, through this promotion you’re getting 55,000 miles for that amount, for a total cost of two cents per mile.

As far as American’s mileage purchase promotions go, that’s actually about as good as I’ve seen. While it’s not necessarily a cost at which I’d speculatively buy miles, this is a great deal for topping off an account. If you currently have just 12,500 miles, for example, purchasing $1,100 worth of miles would earn you enough miles for a one-way Cathay Pacific first class award space. Not a bad deal!

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. This is no bargain – Do not forget taxes
    7.%% plus a 30$ processing fee – This adds up
    1100$ + 82.50+ 30 = 1212.50 for 55k
    This works out to >2.2 cpm

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