Starwood’s first quarter promotions offers 2x and 3x points on stays

Starwood has just announced the details of their first quarter 2012 promotion, “Better By the Night,” which runs from January 9 to April 8, 2012. Through this promotion they’re offering two bonus points per dollar spent on stays of at least two nights, and three bonus points per dollar spent on stays of at least three nights.

As a Starwood member you earn two points per dollar, plus you earn one bonus point per dollar if you’re a Gold or Platinum member, for a total of three points per dollar. Then if you use the Starwood American Express you earn another two points per dollar spent.

Therefore through this promotion you’re earning seven points per dollar on a two night stay if you’re an elite member paying with the Starwood American Express, or eight points per dollar on a three or more night stay. Starwood points are worth at least two cents each, so that’s a return of at least 14-16%.

Lastly, there’s a pretty big list of excluded hotels, which The Points Guy posted here. That’s one thing that really irks me about Starwood. So many of their hotels seem to only participate in SPG very half-a$$ed, be it regarding participation in promotions or taking good care of elite members.

Better than nothing, though I’ll be curious to see what Hyatt comes up with…


  1. Nitpicky – but I think saying “4x points” is a bit misleading. It’s 4 bonus points, which in total is 3x the points without the promo.

  2. @ Zach

    I think it was just a pseudo typo by Lucky…the official promotion is triple starpoints for stays of 3+ nights.

  3. I’m sure Hyatt is wracking their brains as we speak trying to come up with yet another name for ‘stay 3, get 5k bonus’……

    May I suggest ‘The Big Yawn’?

  4. I wonder if this is combinable with the promotion of staying 5 nights in Asia and getting a free night if you use a Mastercard. Need to figure out whether it’s worth losing the 2 points per $ and getting a free night (assuming I can use that free night before it expires in April!)

  5. @ Zach — You’re absolutely right, it was a typo on my part.

    @ Ekrem — I’d wait till they publish the full T&Cs of this promotion, as I’m sure that will clarify things.

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