About to get lost in translation!

I’m not gonna lie, often the best award trips are those planned the day before departure. Often they only take about an hour to plan, and zero thought goes into them. The one I booked last night was one of those.

Anyway, I’m about to embark on what’s easily one of the niftiest award trips I’ve ever taken, and as many of you know I’ve had a few of those in my day.

I’ll be skimping on the details over the next few days on the blog, though I’ll be posting a picture clue daily about where I’ve been in the past 24 hours. I fear I may let a bit more slip on Twitter than I should, so follow me if you’re more excited about this trip than I am. šŸ˜‰

Oh, and I’m writing this live from the American Airlines flight on which I requalified for Executive Platinum. Give me my darn systemwide upgrades, American! I have travel to plan!

Safe travels to anyone unlucky enough to be flying during this busy travel week.


  1. Hella jealous of you and Alex. When he told me he was headed to Tokyo I knew it would involve LH but the A380 is a great find. Are you taking the same flight with LX new F on the way over?

  2. @Matrix I was referring to a flight from the U.S. to ZRH that our mutual friend is on. I wasn’t sure if he and Ben were taking the same routing to FRA or meeting there.

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