TripAlertz back with another referral bonus (this time $5)

Back in October TripAlertz ran a hefty referral bonus, whereby each new member that was referred earned $10 of Trip Cash, which could be redeemed for hotel stays. The crazy thing is that only an email address was required for a new sign-up, meaning no purchase, verification, etc., was necessary. In other words, if you had 20 friends that you had sign up last time (which takes all of 30 seconds), you had $200 in Trip Cash.

Not surprisingly I suspect they weren’t anticipating how viral this would go, so ended up reducing the expiration of the Trip Cash from two years to one year to six months.

Ever since that time they have only been offering $1 of Trip Cash for new sign-ups, though now they’re offering $5, which is the best I’ve seen since that original offer. Actually, I’m kind of surprised they’re doing this again, but I guess they might just decide to change the expiration date of Trip Cash to one month after this. 😉

If anyone wants to sign up through my link so I get the referral credit, my link can be found here, though there’s certainly no pressure in using it. Feel free to post your link in the comments section below as well. If you’re already a member and want to refer friends, you can do so here.

Most of their hotels aren’t all that exciting for a points junkie, though if you can refer enough people you can’t beat a free vacation.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. I’m not going to post my referral link but used Lucky’s.

    This could be a good tool to use for BRG at the chains since it gives rates at several sources.

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