Hilton offering instant Gold status to Visa Infinite card members

Hilton is offering those with a Visa Infinite card (a Visa card starting with 411945) instant HHonors Gold status valid for one year. You just need to enter the first six digits of the card along with your Hilton account information here.

The Gold status posts instantly, which is the best offer for Gold I’ve seen in a very long time. Hilton HHonors Gold is by far the best mid-tier hotel elite status level, given that it comes with both free breakfast/club lounge access and internet.

I’d get in on this ASAP before they pull the offer.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. @ g — You’re absolutely right, corrected.

    @ JRL — They sure do honor them on award stays, and usually on Priceline (though I’m not sure it’s a guaranteed benefit).

  2. @JRL: On Hotwire/Priceline stays they are not obligated to honor benefits, but they usually do for me (I am HH Diamond).

  3. Worked for me this AM at 7:30 EST. Logged out of the HHonors website and logged back in to have the Gold status reflected!

  4. Boy. Talk about cheating the system. I can imagine anyone that’s a Gold or above is pretty pissed right now that you and gleff posted this.

  5. If I already have a room booked at a Hilton, do I need to cancel the booking and rebook at the Gold level to receive the benefits, or will that already take effect upon check-in at the hotel?

  6. I didn’t have any status at all with Hilton until today. I created a basic membership and got HHonors Blue status, then I went to the link posted above and entered Lucky’s suggested number, 411945, along with my HHonors Blue membership number and PIN, and *bam* I was upgraded to HHonors Gold. Now if I can just get Marriott to status match…

  7. I just posted the same thing as a comment over in Gary’s blog, but I’m putting it here too–by posting this, you’re telling people who don’t have a Visa infinite card to lie/cheat their way into status. You’re telling people to blatantly scam Hilton right now…seriously? Just because someone was able to find what the first six digits of a Visa infinite card are on the internet, doesn’t make it right to do. Good lord people, do you ever draw the line anywhere?

  8. @Andrew — while I agree this isn’t fulfilling the “spirit” of the promo, if someone creates a promo whereby I get a great benefit by entering a number that is easily found (if you Google VISA Infiniti, the first result is from Wikipedia’s entry containing the 6 digits, even), it’s almost the same as if they said “type in your favorite color”. If it’s supposed to be limited, make it limited for real.

  9. Just got it to work. Hopefully it sticks. I have a bunch of stays I need to make in May that this could be very useful for.

  10. I mentioned this earlier, but I have a Visa Infinite from TD, but the first 6 didnt work for this promo. Either it is targeted amongst certain banks or their system to check infinite isnt working correctly.

  11. As a hilton gold already, when i put my info in, i got this message:

    Book a hotel today and stay 4 times by
    by 31 May 2012 to to receive 40,000 HHonors points.

  12. Thanks for sharing this information. After signing up for this promo, I logged in with my HHonors number and pin and received gold status.

  13. I have try, but my end up showing “Invalid Registration – Please contact the Hilton HHonors Service Center for assistance.” any idea

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