1. Great info, thanks Ben. I’d be interested to hear your take on the best value (specific) AAdvantage Awards for those of us residing in the South Pacific (I’m in Australia).
    The 17.5k one way domestic business award in Australia is great for the Sydney – Perth 5 hour trip, but I thought I’d see if you could spot any other great value redemptions originating from the region?

  2. @ newformula — I’d say the two best redemptions are Australia to the US for 145,000 miles roundtrip in first class on the A380 (like Sydney/Melbourne to Los Angeles to New York), and Australia to Asia 2 for 90,000 miles roundtrip in first class on the A380 (like Sydney/Melbourne to Singapore).

  3. Ben, not sure I understand how you get a free roundtrip ticket as outlined in your column and comments following it. You can get two free one-ways, but aren’t they out of sequence to be considered round trip?

    Say you want to go to Europe first. This won’t work under your scenario as you won’t be able to use Hawaii-Chicago segment after you take your Chicago – Europe segment.

    So say you want to go to Hawaii first. You won’t be able to use the Chicago-Hawaii segment as it comes after the Europe – Hawaii segment.

    You need positioning flights at either end. If you book a RT Chicago- Hawaii trip that fit outside the Chicago-Europe trip, you could get an extra trip to Hawaii out of it. But I think the freebie better characterized as two one ways; alternatively a RT from you secondary destination, not your origin. Have I missed something?

    One valuable tip on One World Awards – never book a connection unless you are maxing out on the number of segments. Book it as a layover even if it’s less than 24 hours. That way, you can change it later. But if it’s booked as a connection, it can’t be turned into a layover without starting the whole ticket over again.

    The way to book it as a layover with less than 24 hours is to first book it with more than 24 hours in the conencting city, and then change it back to the connecting flight that is a shorter connection. No charge for this change.(there may be an easier way, but the AA system seemed to require this approach)

  4. Whoops, I meant Europe-Chicago instead of Europe-Hawaii in the part that says “let’s say you want to go to Hawaii first”

  5. @ beachfan — You’re correct, it’s a free one-way ticket, or two free one-ways with two out of sequence tickets to Europe. If you travel frequently it shouldn’t be too tough to keep a couple of tickets “open” and switch around the dates as it’s convenient.

  6. another one for your list

    HKG-ALK-PPT-IPC is only 50K in economy, 70k in Biz, and 90K in First.

    That’s alot of nice airlines to try, and cool places to see for very little. (provided you’re going to be in HKG)

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