American announces double elite qualifying miles December 13 through January 31!

WOHOOOO! As expected, the joys of Chapter 11!

American has just announced that they’ll be running a double elite qualifying miles promotion for travel between December 13, 2011, through January 31, 2012. Best of all, the double elite qualifying miles even apply to previously booked travel, so there’s no restrictions as to the booking date.

YES! YES! YES! I don’t actually need the miles, but there’s something oh-so-exciting about this.

If you’ve never been on a mileage run before, this would be a great time to start. This is a way to get top tier status on American for only 50,000 flown miles, which will get you eight systemwide upgrades that you can use to upgrade any revenue ticket worldwide, even cheap ones!

I would expect United to match within 48 hours.


  1. Benjamin,

    Soooooooooooo tempting!!!

    That means renew my AA EXP for 50,000 miles.

    Any way to fly premium fares to get that 50k lower?? Would love to hear your insanely brilliant thoughts on how to work this!!!!


  2. @ katey — Keep in mind that this is a double elite qualifying miles promotion and not a double elite qualifying points promotion. On American premium fares only earn one mile per mile flown, but earn bonus points. So you’d actually have to fly just as many miles in paid first class as you’d have to on the cheapest coach fare. Sorry!

  3. So, miles flown before 12/31 only count for 2011, correct? I have 0 EQMs on AA this year, so don’t want to get started too early. May call for a January mileage run, seeing any good ideas from LAX?

  4. Yawn. Two weeks to get the 95k I’d need to retain EXP. And I already booked my Jan flights using the new domestic air currency Avios

  5. @ Phil — That’s correct, any travel flown on or before December 31 would still count towards this year.

  6. I have 0 AA miles. But the system wide (including Australia?) sound very tempting! What mileage runs would your wise mind propose?
    Thanks Lucky

  7. @ chris — Unfortunately American doesn’t fly to Australia so you couldn’t use them to fly there. Where do you live?

  8. *grumble bitch moan etc* I’m out of the country most of January. Even if United matches I won’t have much time to participate. Grrr. Nothing like a jump start on 2013 status. Maybe I’ll figure something out.

  9. Lucky – currently live in boston as a student but home is in Sydney. I admire all your posts : ) well done!
    So u couldn’t get upgrade on a code QF share?

  10. Seems you may have made the right choice Ben….

    now if only there was a good website to search for MR opportunities!

    As for the match — UA would have matched already….. COdbaUA? hard to say.

  11. If United fully matches, I will have a very full January.

    Of course, I can easily see United not applying this to existing itineraries, limiting it to high fare codes, or both.

    But we shall see.

  12. @ chris — You can only upgrade on American metal flights, unfortunately, so the Qantas codeshare wouldn’t work. I would suggest using to search for mileage run fares, but unfortunately the site is down for now…

  13. I have 31K to go for Exec Plat on AA.

    I’m making a trip at the end of this week from ORD to LHR, 3953 miles. Double miles means 15,812 for the trip.

    Any suggestion for another flight this year that will take me over 100K? I suppose I could go back an forth to LHR for a ride.

  14. Since United already has one DEQM promotion going on right now, and is busy with all the merging business, I doubt they’ll match the promotion. As you said: the joys of bankruptcy! Just like my WaMu 5% APR savings account I had right before they went under.

  15. @ Will — There’s no need to add it to any particular reservation, as it’s linked to your account. As long as it’s attached to your AAdvantage profile you’ll earn it for all travel during the period.

  16. ben, what would this mean for Illinois, CA, or TX residents flying the promo from ORD or DFW to SFO or LAX. For instance a roundtrip ORD-LAX would get 1745 (one way mileage) x 2 (for the roundtrip) x 2 (for the IL,CA,TX resident promo) miles = 6980, would this double that to 13960?

  17. Luck, would this include any flights using AAadvantage# flown through partners like Alaska Air or JetBlue? Im FLying NY To SJD (stopover in Chicago)on AA, SJD to PHX(Stopover in LAX) on Alasaka, and PHX to NYC (stopover Boston) all before New Years. Would be great to get those extra EQM’s.

  18. I tried to access and register for the United promo. While I can access the link that AdamH posted, when I enter my MP account number, it tells me that I am not eligible for the promotion. I’m a Premier Exec, so perhaps it’s only being offered to select Premier and General Members? When I click the link to see “My Promotions”, the site then tells me that there are no promotions for me currently. HUH ???

  19. I notice that the “Q” and “O” fare classes only qualify for 0.5 points per mile. But do miles flown under these classes still count towards the double qualifying mile bonus? Thanks.

  20. @ Aric — They sure do. American has both elite qualifying miles and elite qualifying points, and you can qualify for status through other means. This would still count as double elite qualifying miles based off the base amount of one mile per mile flown.

  21. Lucky, how long are the expirations on SWU, and how long is one qualified as an elite?

    I.e. if I spend $1500-$2000 to get EXP this year (mainly through this promo), I receive 8 one-way SWO on AA metal (expiration?), EXP status through ____, and the ~50k or so miles earned to reach the status?

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