Club Carlson offering new members 4,500 points for signing up

Through December 18, 2011, Club Carlson is offering 4,500 points for new members through what must be one of the weirdest partnerships ever.

You first have to sign up for TGI Friday’s “Give Me More Stripes” program.

On the confirmation page be sure to note down your member number.

Then go to this page to join Club Carlson, where you’ll be offered 4,500 points after signing up after entering your Stripes Number.

The bonus points post 6-8 weeks after enrollment, and the offer is only good for new accounts (though who knows, maybe you’ll be able to merge it with an existing account).

I’m truly starting to believe I’m from a different planet. Can anyone explain the logic behind this partnership/promotion? Not that I’m complaining…

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  1. @ Nathaniel — Aaaaand I feel like an idiot… makes sense, though still a bit of a weird tie-in, in my opinion.

  2. Back when the program was Goldpoints (before Goldpoints ‘Plus’), used to be able to earn at TGI Fridays and redeem for appetizers, etc.

    And redemption tables even varied based on whether you signed up for Goldpoints through hotels or through TGI Fridays. Once upon a time if you signed up via Radisson your conversion rate to miles was twice as good as if you signed up for the same program just through

    A rather bizarre program and they apparently haven’t been able to break free!

    But it was always fun swiping my hotel rewards card at the bar of a TGI Fridays!

    But not as fun as when you could earn better than 100 miles per dollar on your choice of most airlines by buying magazines through the Goldpoints shopping portal…

  3. The “Give Me More Stripes” webpage is down….did your readers crash it with the sudden demand for TGI Friday’s rewards?!

  4. There was also a TGIFridays on the ground floor of the Radisson in Flint Michigan.. though I have no clue if it is still there, last time I was there was over 15 years ago..

  5. I did this but I never was given the new Carlson Club account # and there never was a conf. email sent. Anyone had a similar experience?

  6. Aleks: I had the same experience. I’m glad I’m not the only one, but it means I can’t figure out how to set up my account online!

  7. @Aleks. I had the same experience. No new acct #, no way to track down the Carlson Club miles. Did you happen to be logged in to your old Carlson Club account at the time of submission- I was, and I’m hoping that’s not the glitch. Has anyone receive a confirmation email for the new Carlson Club account?

  8. @JRL — I don’t think I was logged into my old CC account, but I suppose it’s possible. Still no email, over a week later.

  9. @Aleks – I had the same problem…I called Club Carlson and they said it might take until December 31 to receive the email with my account number. Absurd right? They said if I wanted to use their hotel before then I should open a 2nd Club Carlson account and then merge the two accounts once I get the initial membership number. Hope that helps.

  10. Process is broken. The Club Carlson link says that the offer has expired, even though today is December 18, 2011.

  11. Thanks for this deal. I got 4500 gold points. How can I merge this ‘dummy’ carlson account that has 4500 points with my original carlson account?


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