1. An important point that you left out regarding Delta is that every flat-bed seat offers direct aisle access, which is pretty valuable IMO. Nothing like doing the middle-of-the-night step over your neighbor when you have to go to the bathroom! While the non-refurbished 767-300ERs are rough, the refurbished ones (see: 76T) make them like a brand new aircraft. Give it 1-2 years and Delta’s international fleet is going to be vastly improved.

  2. You left out Air Canada’s herringbone which I believe you liked once on a blog post (tips: ther very last seat in the center section has extra space on a shelf behind you.)
    My favorite though is the Asiana Quadra Smartium, you have to love the name, it’s especially nice when traveling as a couple since it’s spacious yet cozy and being a new product the seats are still in good shape. I like the color scheme too (and the service).

  3. US Airway’s 767s are not “recliner seats”- in fact they are narrow and flimsily designed angled lie flats.

  4. You shouldn’t take assignments like this one.. the article title is misleading and you’re not including the “best,” but rather, only the airlines you were told to review, it reflects poorly on you even though it was stated it was not your fault and those were your assigned airlines.

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