Boy, have I learned a lot over the past 24 hours!

Yesterday I announced on the blog that I’ve become a luxury travel advisor with Brownell Travel, and I can’t thank you all enough for the interest you’ve shown, not only in the comments section, but the 200+ emails I’ve received on the topic. First of all, to those that emailed me, thanks for your patience. I’ve responded to 90% of the emails (I’ll respond ASAP to the other 10%), and even if I wasn’t able to make a booking, the emails have been invaluable in showing me how best to market and position my service.

To start, I’ve gone ahead and put up a permanent page on the blog dedicated to my luxury travel services, which can be found on the sidebar to the right, and soon up top near the header. Hopefully that page answers many of the questions y’all might have. If I’m omitting anything major or there’s something you think I should be mentioning, please let me know.

The two major highlights are:

  • I want to be sure I can add value with each booking, and therefore I’m only going to be booking Virtuoso hotels for the time being. You can find the listing of all Virtuoso hotels by keyword or interest here.
  • For hotel stays of over $1,000 I don’t charge any service/consulting fees. For stays of less than that amount I charge a $50 consulting fee. Please understand that I want to take my time with each client and provide the best service possible, so that structure is needed in order to ensure I’m able to do that. If you’ve already emailed me, don’t worry, that doesn’t apply.

Of course go over to the Luxury Travel Services page for all the details. As always, if you have any questions please post them in the comments section below or shoot me an email. And thanks for your patience as I’ve put blogging on the back burner for the weekend.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I figured this was worth a mention. Bulgari is opening a new luxury boutique hotel in London next April, which is their their property (the other ones are the Bulgari Milan and the Bulgari Bali). The hotels are managed by Ritz Carlton so I can get quite a few benefits for anyone looking to stay there. The reason I mention it is because they still have room availability over the Olympics next summer. If you’ve looked at availability for next August over the Olympics you’ll notice that literally every hotel in London is sold out. While Bulgari isn’t publicly selling rooms and hasn’t loaded them into their reservations system, I can get you a room if you’re interested. Rates aren’t cheap at all, though not bad factoring in that this is a luxury hotel during the Olympics.

And to go even further on a tangent, I think I’ve found my new dream hotel, which I was exposed to this past week. It’s called Giraffe Manor in Kenya, and it’s hands down the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. The hotel has giraffes that literally stick their heads in your room and eat out of your hands. Tell me that’s not the coolest thing ever!


  1. Having a giraffe stick its head in my hotel room would freak me out! Congratulations on your new job. I will send some business your way.

  2. Ben –

    You know I love you and greatly value the services you have provided me. Kenya Giraffe property looks awesome, I’ll be e-mailing you.

    One complaint: Can you please stop addressing me / your readers as y’all?!?


  3. Lucky,
    As a consultant you should probably get your facts right. First Bulgari hotel was in Milan.

  4. Giraffe Manor has been featured on a bunch of travel tv shows. It is a fortune to stay there… I visited the Graffe Centre in Nairobi. You can see the manor from there as it is part of the same property & much more affordable to visit! It is an amazing place. Lots of great interaction with the giraffes & they will give you a kiss as long as you have a food pellet in your mouth!

  5. I just got back from a trip to Africa and staying 1 night at Giraffe Manor. I had EXTREMELY high expectations, but it was SOOOO much better than I expected. The rooms and food are fabulous, the service unbelievably attentive (but not intrusive — the staff seems to sense your mood and knows when to approach and when to leave). The giraffe (“tall blondes”) and warthogs are the real draw here and the manor does NOT disappoint. I awoke at 6:00 and opened my bedroom window and Lynn the giraffe quickly appeared. If you are going to Giraffe Manor, I highly recommend “Raising Daisy Rothschild,” by Betty and Jock Leslie-Melville, an out of print book generally available at amazon or ebay. It sets forth how they began raising and rehabilitating endangered Rothschild giraffe.

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