American offering sale on purchase of AAdvantage miles through December 31, 2011

Through December 31, American is offering a 2,000 mile bonus for every 6,000 miles purchased, with a cap of 20,000 bonus miles (for a total of 60,000 purchased miles, plus the 20,000 bonus miles). Through this promotion you’re paying just a bit over two cents per mile. While I don’t think it’s worth taking advantage of the promotion just to buy miles, this is a pretty goal deal for topping off an account so you have enough miles for a specific award. Or in many cases if you have a specific award in mind, this might make sense too. For example, a one-way business class ticket to Asia costs 55,000 miles, so through this promotion you would be paying about $1,200 for that ticket. Not bad!

The bonus miles post 6-8 weeks after the promotion finishes.


  1. Sadly, the fact that the bonus points don’t post right away means that if you want to top off towards an impending award you need to buy all the points you need for that award and then you’ll get some additional miles later.

    Still, it’s better than a hole in the head as they say! But I admit I didn’t get especially exciting when this hit my email box earlier today.

  2. Comment and Question: I agree that this may not be the best deal for direct purchase. However, as you point out, it is not terrible if one needs to top-off an account with some specific award buy in mind. The question… for this an other miles promotions… Why does it often take 6-8 weeks to post these account changes. We know that they could do it in 24 hours, so there must be some legitimate reason to delay the posting. What am I missing? Thanks, -C.

  3. @Cook.

    I’d think the reason is precisely to avoid people just buying a ticket with miles the way gary mentions above (55,000/$1200 for one way business to asia). If they don’t let you use the bonus miles right away they increase the chance you’ll never use them (breakage) and increase their profit.

  4. From NYC to TYO, cheapest Business class on JAL I was able to find was $5,5xx for rt in January 2012. Wouldn’t this be a great deal for someone like myself?

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