US Airways offers a 100% bonus on purchased miles through December 31, 2011

As was leaked last week (accidentally, it would seem), US Airways has announced a 100% bonus on purchased miles through December 31, 2011.

Through this promotion you’re essentially paying 1.87 cents per mile, including tax. The deal used to be better, as the normal cost of miles was 2.75 cents per mile, before raising the cost to 3.5 cents per mile.

Another restriction this year is that they’ve limited the bonus to the first 40,000 miles purchased, meaning you can buy a total of 80,000 miles at the discounted price through this promotion. In the past the bonus applied to the first 50,000 miles purchased, meaning you could buy 100,000 miles at a cheap cost, which is enough miles for a trip to Europe, North Asia, etc. Obviously this is an attempt by US Airways to sell you miles as much as possible without you actually redeeming them, given that they probably expect people will buy the remaining miles for 3.5 cents each, plus tax.

As always, Dividend Miles accounts have to be at least 12 days old to take advantage of this promotion.

While the promotion is still a good deal, it’s not quite a “steal” anymore. I’d say take advantage of it if you have a specific use in mind and the numbers work out, though otherwise I probably wouldn’t just speculatively buy miles through this promotion anymore.


  1. I purchased 40,000 miles today and it was $1505.00USD taxes inclusive.
    80,000 miles from Asia to the EU in C class is still a good deal but I would agree that the past years was a lot more delicious regarding USAirways purchased miles. I have great memories in F class 6x flights already and 2x more booked next year. Nice way to fix my F class addiction!

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