American announces details on their new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft

Despite their bankruptcy, American will apparently be taking delivery of 10 Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in 2012 and 2013, which they’ll launch on their London routes. New planes at a US airline are exciting news, though what’s especially exciting is what they plan on doing with them, as announced today.

The most exciting news is that they’re introducing a new first class product, and also a fully flat business class product with direct aisle access at every seat, as opposed to their current product which is angled flat. I assume American’s new business class product will either be similar to Delta’s product on their 767-400 aircraft, or otherwise US Airways’ new Envoy product, both of which are great. Then again, it makes me wonder why they bother offering first class, given that the difference between business and first class will be minimal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they still make the decision to eliminate first class on the 777-300ER aircraft they’re taking delivery of, as that seems to be the trend in the industry.

The other interesting news is that they’ll apparently have wifi capabilities, which will also be a first for a US airline on longhaul international flights.

Lastly, they’ll also be introducing a premium economy product. It will be interesting to see whether it’s like Delta and United where it just offers a few extra inches of pitch (that’s my guess), or if they’ll go with a premium economy product similar to those offered by other foreign carriers, which would be more like domestic first class seats.

So this is exciting news, though leaves us with more questions than answers. The other thing I’m wondering is whether they plan on reconfiguring their current international fleet with the new first and business class product, and if so, at what point.

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  1. First things first, what is the use of plane if they aren’t going to have pilots? And second, United is going to start installing wifi on long haul international planes in a few weeks.

  2. BA and AA have already integrated their timetabling between LHR and JFK and I should imagine that BA will be very keen for AA to have class equality so that an integrated sales approach is more feasible. Certainly on that route, they will need first class. This will be AA upping the stakes so that it can stay on a par with its transatlantic partner.

  3. 1-2-1 config would be a game changer for me if I was paying for business class. UA’s C is just too cramped that I would NEVER spend actual money on it, feels like a frickin sardine can and the colours look like one too.

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