Free Accor A Club Platinum status!

Via Gary:

Via RoninTech on Milepoint:

If you have an existing non-platinum account go here (its in german but chrome/firefox can translate for you), enter your member number and email, click the button and you get upgraded to Platinum for free.

Update: Commenter Colleen notes “…or just select “English” on the upper right pull-down menu and the translated page will appear ;)


  1. For me in English or German the link says my A-Club points will be automatically transferred to my Flying Blue account and doesn’t mention anything about Platinum although the URL has tast track in it. Since I don;t have a Flying Blue Account and have some existing A-Club points, I did not register

  2. Anyone know the minimum points needed to transfer to airlines? Thanks to the OP for this – I don’t stay very often but we all love status!

  3. Thanks! This might be useful one day at a Sofitel. Received the Plat confirmation e-mail after about 5 minutes!

  4. OK I did it and then went and changed my profile to earn Delta miles instead of Flying Blue. UA wasn’t a choice. Transfers at 4000 points in answer to Biblioman

  5. Hi,now that we are platinum can you publish some stategies with this chain for us European travelers , not much info out there.

  6. I did this yesterday. Wasn’t sure what the whole ‘transfer points to FlyingBlue” deal was, but since I have no points in either it or a|club, I went ahead. My status was instantly upgraded to Platinum. 🙂

  7. Worked for me, thanks! I had a measly 136 points in my account, but after registering and getting Platinum, I had 0 points. Oh well. Platinum > 136 points. 🙂

  8. Works!! Gotta love Platinum status! I laughed when I got the email saying we appreciate your loyalty–I have never stayed in an Accor hotel to my knowledge, in my life! I hadn’t ever signed up for A Club but did, closed out of the broswer and went to Ben’s link–Instant Success!

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