Charter and name your own Virgin America plane for $60,000!

This is actually a pretty decent deal. Gilt has a sale whereby you can charter a Virgin America plane (for up to 146 people) for a roundtrip flight on any of Virgin America’s nonstop routes, plus you can name one of their planes.

The cost is $60,000, which, when you break it down, is actually pretty reasonable given how much charters usually cost.Ā That averages out to $410 per person roundtrip, which seems like a steal for a route like New York to San Francisco, given that a) it’s a charter b) you choose the name of the plane and c) it would be pretty damn awesome.

Not sure how they’d make any money on this, though.

So, who’s up for a Virgin Mega Do? šŸ˜‰


  1. Even if you only have 30 people, $2k each is awesome deal for a bachelor party, bowl game, etc. if you had 30 friends who might buy a 1st class ticket anyway

    If you put it on your amex gold you would get 180,000 points ha

  2. Why would anyone wanna pay $400+ for a flight that regularly costs a lot less? Youre still in the same economy seat…

    Aside from a situation where it is extremely important that a 100+ party group travels together, I see no use for this offer at all šŸ™‚

  3. So if you charter the plane, does it include catering? Or is that just for the equipment, crew and fuel?

    Also, since you chartered the plane, will they look the other way if you want to join the mile high club?

  4. @ Xandrios — A lot less? How much does a NY to SF/LA roundtrip ticket usually cost with tax? In my experience not a whole lot less than $410…

  5. @FrequentMiler: We just need someone to pay the upfront cost. Probably do JFK-LAX or reverse, and work with Virgin Atlantic and Australia and make it a whole Virgin DO. Branson might even show up for the fun of it.

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