Canon S95 available on Amazon for $291!

I’m often asked which camera I use to take pictures when traveling, and it’s the Canon S95. I’m by no means a great photographer, though the camera is amazing. I put no effort into my pictures and they usually come out fairly clear, even in low lighting conditions. Best of all, it’s pocket sized. I wrote a review of the camera back when I got it, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Anyway, it was just pointed out to me that the camera is on sale at Amazon for $291. I bought it earlier in the year for $399 and haven’t seen it much lower since, so this is an amazing deal. If you’re in the market for a new camera, I highly recommend purchasing this soon, since I don’t know how long the price will last.

(Tip of the hat to @aanaravs)


  1. It’s $288 with free shipping on $300 is about average for it now, give or take $20. Anyone charging more is ripping you off. This is because it has of course been replaced by the s100 – which some experts hate while others find photos are actually slightly improved, if a bit softer by default.

    I would definitely choose the s95 over the s100 for the savings while still performing great.

  2. Just so you know the link you posted is an Amazon Affiliate link. You can tell because of the “&tag=digitalmediabiz-20” in the URL. whenever you see a tag on an URL ending with “-20” it is an affiliate link. I recognize you might not have known this and the guy on twitter may be taking advantage of you.

  3. @ ArizonaGuy — Good to know, thanks. Haven’t been paying attention to prices all that much on the camera lately.

    @ BrewerSEA — I wasn’t aware, thanks for the heads up. I don’t think he was taking advantage of anyone since he was posting it for his twitter “followers” (and I don’t see anything wrong with posting an affiliate link on your own twitter), though I went ahead and changed it. Thanks again for the heads up.

  4. Another option – $304 at Go through the UR portal (for additional UR points) and also select in-store pick up for a “free” $10 e-gift card.

  5. Ken Rockwell agrees with Lucky (

    “Since the S100 has a slightly slower lens and loses a control button compared to the S95, and because the S95 is heavily discounted today, I’d get an S95 now and consider myself blessed.”

  6. this has been sub $300 for a while now, i am so pissed! i bought in september for $369 but the price drop happened just past the 30 day mark for me.

    check out slickdeals for regular updates on this kind of stuff and great one off deals

  7. I bought one in September for 350 in canada, not too bad.

    I actually recommend the S100 now. No point in getting s95 anymore

  8. @ Phil

    You didn’t by chance purchase it with the SPG Amex? They have the return protection, but I think it is only good up to $300.

    @ Lucky

    The Sony hx9v is down to $300. It is 16.2 MP, 16x optical zoom (huge), GPS photo tagging, 3D photos, and my personal favorite feature the panoramic mode where you just turn the camera and it does the panoramic photo for you.

  9. UR has the S95 for 25% off points redemption. It’s normally, 31,000 points, today only it’s 23,250 points. I’m on the fence whether to pay cash of use points. I’ll probably will pay cash since I value my UR points at more than 1.5 cents.

  10. I bought one last week on Amazon for $289 and free 2-day shipping (with an offer for a trial membership of Amazon Prime, which I’ll cancel before renewing — I had it before and never used it enough to justify $79 annually).

    I actually bought mine based on the recommendations you received way back when you were shopping around. 🙂 I mainly wanted a camera that’s good in low-light situations.

  11. Mr. Lucky-
    I have the s95 — it is great. Qucik question – how do you take pictures (some appear during taxi, etc.)… i get yelled at to turn the camera off during those times!

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